YHA Complaints

YHA Complaints Contact Information

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complaints@yha.org.uk 0870 050 5120 @YHAOfficial

Complaints Process

YHA takes its customer feedback seriously, and encourages customers to raise any concerns or complaints they have as soon as possible. Customers can contact the YHA complaints team via email or phone to report any issues they have experienced. The team aims to respond to complaints within five working days of receipt, however, more complex complaints may take longer to resolve.

YHA also has a dedicated complaints policy, which outlines the steps the company takes to ensure that complaints are thoroughly investigated and resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner. The policy can be found on the YHA website.

An Introduction to YHA

YHA (Youth Hostel Association) is a charity organisation that provides affordable accommodation for young people, families and groups. Founded in 1930, YHA has over 150 hostel properties across England and Wales, with a mission to inspire children and young people to broaden their horizons, explore new places and learn new skills.

YHA’s accommodation options range from traditional youth hostels to camping and glamping sites, providing affordable and unique experiences for budget travellers. The organisation also offers a range of volunteering opportunities for people interested in supporting its mission and contributing to local communities.

Overall, YHA is dedicated to providing high-quality accommodation and experiences for its customers, and encourages feedback and complaints to ensure that it continuously improves its services.

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