Xercise4Less Complaints

Xercise4Less Complaints: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Are you dissatisfied with the services being offered by Xercise4Less? Do you think they are not upholding the standards that they promised upon signing up? Well, you can voice out your concerns via their complaints process. Here’s how.

Complaints Contact Information

To make a complaint to Xercise4Less, you may use any of the following contact details:

Email Phone Twitter URL
complaints@xercise4less.co.uk 0800 088 5034 @Xercise4Less

Complaints Process

Xercise4Less is committed to providing you with a fast and efficient complaints process. If you experience a problem or have a concern, please communicate it to the gym as soon as possible. You may make a complaint via email, phone or their Twitter handle.

When filing a complaint, it is advisable to provide as much relevant information as possible. Include the date and time of your visit, the location of the gym you used, the name of the person(s) involved and the nature of the problem or concern.

Once you’ve lodged your complaint, Xercise4Less will investigate the matter and provide you with a response. They aim to resolve all complaints within 5 working days.

Introduction to Xercise4Less

Xercise4Less is a UK-based gym chain currently operating in over 50 locations across the country. It is committed to providing affordable gym memberships and world-class facilities.

Customers are attracted to Xercise4Less by their no-frills approach to fitness. They believe in providing only the equipment that people need for their exercise routines. This allows them to keep prices low whilst still offering an excellent service.

However, like any business, Xercise4Less may receive complaints from time to time. If you have any concerns or complaints about their service, you can use the contact details provided to get in touch. Remember, a complaint is only as good as the information provided, so make sure to give Xercise4Less as much information as possible when making your complaint.

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