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Every one of us needs a decent job. But unfortunately, due to intense competition, every one can’t get one. But thanks to ICT and related technologies which have increased the opportunities of netting a high-income job possible. Now, we can find good jobs on online job portals – thanks to internet and allied ICT technologies.

Wullo.com or simply Wullo is one such great virtual job directory where anyone of us can find a job matching his/her skills. Wullo operates almost in every major region and country of the world. It also operates in the UK. You can search thousands of your skill-relevant jobs by only entering your skill and postcode in the search bar of the web directory and instantly thousands of jobs will pop up. The search result is detailed and you can find the job location, employer info, your responsibilities, salary, and much more. With a single click, hundreds of relevant jobs will pop up from your nearby areas/country. Besides, the official website of Wullo is simple and aesthetic – even a lay man can use it. For more detailed queries, you have to register on the site. The process of registration is simple and requires a few minutes.

Wullo Complaints

In addition to its great job offering services, you can also get in touch with the supportive and professional customer support team of the virtual directory through its website. If you have any query or want to file a complaint against any issue then you can readily do it. You can connect with the customer support team via any of the following means.

  • Via Contact Form
  • Via Twitter
  • Via our complaints service

How to Lodge a Complaint to Wullo

You can complain via any of the above means but filing the complaint via contact form is easy as it is an instant means of lodging your complaint. For lodging, a complaint via contact form, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘contact us’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will find a short form.

Now, you have to fill the form with details like your name, email address, and message. After filling the form, click submit tab at end of the form. As soon as they receive your contact form, one of the reps of customer support team will contact you back. Besides reaching them out via contact form, you can also register your complaint via Twitter.

Via Twitter

You can also connect with the customer support team via Twitter. A link to their official Twitter account is available on the contact page of the website. Just click this link and you will be land on their official Twitter page. Now just tweet your query and one of the members will get back to you soon.

To Wrap it Up

So far, Wullo.com is a successful virtual job portal as it strives to serve its customers conveniently. Like every successful business, Wullo value its consumers and is therefore eager to listen out them via the multiple communication channels provided on its website.

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