Withings Complaints

Withings Complaints: Customer Service Information

Email Address (Customer Service) Phone Number (Customer Service) Twitter URL
support@withings.com +1-877-969-8600 https://twitter.com/Withings

Complaints Process at Withings

Withings, a French consumer electronics company, offers a wide range of health and wellness products, including smartwatches, activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, and scales. Despite their focus on providing quality products, there may be times when customers experience issues or have complaints.

To reach Withings customer service, customers can either call their phone number or send an email to the support email address provided. Upon reaching out to customer service, Withings may ask for additional information in order to better understand and resolve the issue.

If customers are not satisfied with the initial response from customer service, they can escalate their complaint to Withings’ higher management team.

An Introduction to Withings

Withings was founded in 2008 by Éric Carreel and Cédric Hutchings. The company initially started as a health monitoring device manufacturer before expanding into other areas of health and wellness technology. In 2016, Nokia acquired Withings, but after a few years, the company bought back its health division from Nokia and continues to operate independently.

Withings’ mission is to provide innovative and accessible technology to help individuals lead healthier lives. Their products combine design, functionality, and user-friendliness, making them a popular choice among consumers who prioritize their health and wellness.

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