Wet and Forget Complaints

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Complaints Process

Wet and Forget is a cleaning product company that specializes in outdoor and indoor cleaning solutions. The company strives to provide quality products and impeccable customer service. However, despite their best efforts, there may still arise situations where customers are not satisfied with the product or service they receive.

In case of any complaints, customers can contact Wet and Forget customer service through email, phone, or Twitter. The company encourages customers to reach out to them and they are ready to listen to and address any concerns.

Upon receipt of a complaint, Wet and Forget will investigate the matter and offer a solution within a reasonable time frame. If the issue is not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the customer can escalate the complaint to a higher authority within the company.

Introduction to the Company

Wet and Forget was founded in 1977 in New Zealand, with a mission to provide outdoor cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and easy to use. Today, the company has expanded globally and offers a wide range of products for both outdoor and indoor cleaning.

The company’s flagship product, Wet and Forget Moss, Mold, Mildew, and Algae Remover is widely known for being effective and easy to use. Wet and Forget also offers a range of innovative cleaning solutions for homes, cars, boats, and more.

Wet and Forget is committed to providing quality products and exceptional customer service. They value customer feedback and take complaints seriously, and are always striving to improve their products and services.

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