Warner Leisure Hotels Complaints

Warner Leisure Hotels Complaints: How to Contact the Company

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customer.services@warnerleisurehotels.co.uk 0330-100-9774 @WarnerHotels

Complaints Process

If you have a complaint about your experience at one of Warner Leisure Hotels’ properties, you can contact their customer service team using the information provided above. They aim to resolve all complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When making a complaint, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible, including specific dates, times, and locations. This will help the Warner Leisure Hotels team investigate the issue thoroughly and come up with an appropriate solution.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint or if you feel that it hasn’t been handled properly, you can escalate your complaint to the management team or to an external mediator such as ABTA or the Travel Ombudsman.

About Warner Leisure Hotels

Warner Leisure Hotels is a UK-based hotel chain that specialises in adult-only holidays. The company has 14 properties across the country, each offering a range of leisure activities, entertainment, and dining options.

The hotels cater to a range of interests, from fitness and relaxation to live music and comedy. Guests can also take part in activities such as archery, bowls, and croquet, and enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, health clubs, and beauty salons.

Warner Leisure Hotels prides itself on providing high-quality service and memorable experiences for its guests. However, if you have any complaints or concerns about your stay, the customer service team is always available to help.

10 thoughts on “Warner Leisure Hotels Complaints”

  1. I have just booked a holiday for 2024 but very disappointed that the deal you so offer if you book before the 23rd of October 2023 was not honoured,this happens every time with your Mail that you send to us customers,so why do it,maybe good for you but not us regular visitors

  2. I am sorry to be writing this complaint but I feel very disappointed with your hotel at cricket st thomas in chard summerset. We arrived on Monday the 9th of October for 5 days the room we had was not worth the price we paid. There was big staines on the carpet it had not been hovered before our arrival which I find discussing. The food was very hit and miss as in breakfast always burnt evening meals not always cooked. So iam afraid our stay has put us off going to warners again. The money you change we thought the stay would have been at lot better then what we experienced. As for the bus trip that was an total nightmare as we were not told by the hotel we had an 15 minet walk down a hill and back the bus driver said you should of said something. So iam sorry to I think the room we had needs lots of work and until that happens I think you should reduce your prices. 2 very disappointed people.

  3. Hi, we have just been to warner’s at Studley Castle. We have been here about four times since 2020 this time we were greeted by Graham in the restaurant who had no time for us or to help us with our problem this was not a very good start for us.. Also the main entertainment was not starting till almost 10 o’clock only one act was any good so we wasted a lot of time just sitting and waiting. They have changed the list for entertainment for the weekend, now much smaller ,and print much smaller you need a magnifying glass to read surely there is a committee to oversee these areas with such a very large company. We go to Warner’s about seven times a year and normally have a great time, but very disappointed this time. Weekend 24th Nov to Mon 27th Nov

  4. But I must say it has the best pool that we have seen at Warner’s and most staff very helpful.
    We had a fair break because it is such a lovely place and will go again.

  5. I am at present at Boddelwyddan. As I am semi-disabled, I requested and was promised ground floor accommodation. In fact I have been allocated a first floor room. As this is situated in an annex, there is no lift. Moreover, the stairs are OUTSIDE and open to the elements. This means I have to negotiate these slippery stairs clutching a soaking handrail on one side and holding my stick in the other descending backwards. This is dangerous enough in daylight, but terrifying in the dark. The duty manager felt unable to exchange my room and even claimed I had agreed to have this room when booking. This is not possible as my physical limitations would have immediately precluded it. I wish to change the room at once, before I fall and suffer a serious injury. At 82 years of age this would be a likely outcome.
    My holiday booking reference is 12966043.

  6. I filled in the customer review as Alverston Hall was awful, the room was filthy, shower needed a scrub, hair on the great carpet. Food was appalling and plates dirty I could go on and was advised a reply in 28 days well that’s gone and today a promise of a complaints form not received again. This is dreadful and I did photograph the dirt I have short hair not the thick black hair found on the dirty bathroom floor. Will I ever get a response ??? Food was cold and inedible and it was like a School Canteen! I never seen fish cooked like that at any previous hotel and the cereal wasn’t Kelloggs or any decent brand. The wet plates and paying for after dinner watery, coffee just topped off with the fact they run out of meat one evening made a stay just unforgettable for the wrong reasons. They ran out of teaspoons, bread rolls were still frozen and no tissues or flannels for a SUPPOSED 4 Set hotel was unbelievable.

  7. Do you want photos of the bathroom dirt and greasy carpet, stained chairs and chipped furnishings ? They are on my Trip Advisor review.


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