Voi London Complaints

Voi London Customer Service Information

Email Address Phone Number Twitter
customerservice.uk@voiapp.io 0800 080 7811 https://twitter.com/voilondon

Complaints Process

Voi London is a micromobility company that provides electric scooters to commuters in London. As with any company, there may be instances where customers have complaints or issues with the services provided. For these situations, Voi London has a simple and straightforward complaints process that customers can follow.

Customers can submit their complaints or issues through the Voi London app or website, by visiting their Help section. The Help section provides a form for customers to fill out with their details and a description of the issue they are experiencing. The customer service team at Voi London will then investigate the issue and provide a resolution to the customer within a reasonable time frame.

If customers prefer to speak to someone directly, they can contact Voi London’s customer service team via phone or email. The phone number and email address are provided in the table above. Customers can expect a prompt response from the customer service team and a resolution to their issue or complaint.

Introduction to Voi London

As mentioned, Voi London is a micromobility company providing electric scooters to commuters in London. Their goal is to provide a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation for people in the city, while reducing congestion and emissions.

The electric scooters provided by Voi London are designed to be safe and easy to use. They offer a cost-effective and efficient option for short distance travel, and are perfect for those looking to avoid the hassle of public transportation or the cost of driving in the city.

Overall, Voi London is committed to providing exceptional service to their customers, and have a dedicated customer service team to address any issues or complaints that may arise.

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