Village Gym Complaints

Village Gym Complaints Contact Information

Email Address Phone Number Twitter URL 0330 005 4774 @Village_Hotels

Complaints Process at Village Gym

At Village Gym, they strive to provide their members with the best possible experience. However, sometimes things may not go as planned, and members may have concerns or complaints. They take all complaints seriously, and their complaints process is as follows:

1. Contact the Village Gym team: Members can contact the Village Gym team at any time by calling their customer service number or emailing their customer service address.

2. Explain the issue: Members should clearly explain their concerns or issues to the Village Gym team, providing as much detail as possible.

3. Investigation: The Village Gym team will investigate the issue thoroughly and keep the member informed of any progress.

4. Resolution: Once the issue is resolved, the Village Gym team will communicate the outcome to the member.

5. Feedback: Village Gym welcomes feedback from members, and if they are not satisfied with the outcome, they encourage members to provide feedback, so they can improve their services.

Introduction to Village Gym

Village Gym is a fitness club chain with multiple locations across the UK, offering a range of facilities, including fitness classes, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, and more. They pride themselves on providing their members with a comfortable and welcoming environment and state-of-the-art equipment. They also offer personal training sessions, nutrition advice, and fitness challenges to help members achieve their fitness goals. Village Gym is committed to providing quality customer service, and they welcome any feedback from their members.

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