Uber Eats Complaints

Uber Eats Complaints: Contact Details

Email Phone Number Twitter
support@uber.com 1-800-253-9435 https://twitter.com/ubereats

Complaints Process

If you have a complaint about Uber Eats, the first step is to contact their customer service team through one of the methods listed in the table above. They will aim to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can escalate it by submitting a complaint through their website or app. They have a formal process for dealing with complaints, and aim to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

It’s worth remembering that Uber Eats relies on a network of restaurants and delivery drivers to provide their service, and some issues may be outside of their control. However, they are committed to providing a high-quality service and will work to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Introduction to Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery service launched in 2014 by Uber. They operate in over 45 countries and partner with over 320,000 restaurants. Customers can order food through the Uber Eats app or website, and it will be delivered to their doorstep by a delivery driver.

Like any service, there may be issues or complaints from time to time. However, Uber Eats has a dedicated customer service team to help resolve any issues, and aims to provide a high-quality service to their customers. If you have any complaints, they encourage you to reach out to them through one of the contact methods listed above.

15 thoughts on “Uber Eats Complaints”

  1. I have just got my meal from mcdonalds delivered by uber eats . And am very disappointed as everytime i order any thing its stone cold . This is everytime . Something needs to be done about it .

  2. Hi I was charged for food that did not arrive on 2 separate dates and did receive a refund so I payed and for no food because the driver didn’t deliver the food

  3. I’m sure Uber eats customers , would be very interested to learn, of the following is true ? 1 of 2 things are happening, with Uber delivering, is the driver pretends they were unable to deliver to the. Customer ( not true ) then the driver can either
    tosses the food in the trash, or they eat it themselves. UberEats drivers can use a loophole” in Uber Eats delivery policy, whereas they can keep the food or take bags of food for themselves, by using this “loophole” that exists, in their delivery policy just by saying he tried to contact the person who ordered the food but says he isn’t able to reach them to complete the delivery, the driver can keep the food.He’s got or consume it himself a easy way for drivers to score a free meal or bags of food from the supermarket who supplied it, for free? I believe this happened in my case I would be very interested in your reply ASAP

    These drivers, claiming to complete a delivery without ever picking up the delivery item; or picking up a delivery from the.supermarket, but not delivering it in full.” Is blatant theft !!!!!!!!

  4. I have rang on the day of incident 9th October that i have not received  my order you would not give me a refund. I have also rang ubereats today 6th October and numerous times before today and you have point plank refusing to give me a refund. I have no words to describe how I’m feeling as now I feel let down as it took me a long time to save up the money to treat my family.  I have never in my life experience such disrespect paying for something and not recieveing anything and not getting a refund as ubereats and mcdonalds refuse to give my money back for not receiving my food. My 7 and 3 year old were heart broken and can’t understand why they didn’t have a mcdonalds and will probably never have one again after this experience, and tell everyone i meet not to trust you, as I don’t trust mcdonalds or ubereats as you’ll properly do it to me again take my money and not give me my food and refuse to give me a refund.

    Kind regards 

    Reece Hendley

    2X 2.85
    1X 5.95

  6. payed for priority delivery, didn’t happen and when order arrived it was wrong got down valued items for higher price payed. shocking service this time you ow me some refund

  7. Absolutely discussed with the customer service! I want to speak with someone now, otherwise this will be raised! I work for a massive company and we can’t even contact you by phone but you are happy to take our money!!!! Block my card going forward this will be raised with my bank and higher authorities than yourself disgusting!!!

  8. Dear Uber Eats,

    I want to put in a formal complaint on behalf of me and my partner. Today we made a very simple and small order from Taco Bell in Nottingham and after an hour of waiting we then only recieved half our order and the other half was stone cold. When we went to your customer service about this we only received a refund for the food that was missing which we felt was totally unfair seeming as the food we received was terrible. I have attached the name of my boyfriend and the order number (due to ordering it from his account).

    Order Number: ****7
    Name: J******ls
    Email: jam************u***om

    We hope that you will resolve this issue and hope we dont have to escalate this issue. Thank you for your time.

    Yours sincerely,
    Elizabeth Gabbani and James Daniells

  9. Hi I have a complaint about a delivery from KFC in Clevelys Lancashire .l placed an order from them and it took your delivery driver over 90 minutes to deliver it .So the food was cold but that’s not my biggest complaint the food was burnt and the chips were only half full .This cost me £30 and as a result I was unable to eat it .As a pensioner it’s a waste to me have contacted KFC and they have told me that it’s your problem not theirs . I don’t know why they cooked the food not you but they said it awaiting your response .

  10. I ordered Uber eats it was a order worth 30.48
    I can show the details. I put the full address to where I ordered it to. Ubereats have never done this before and I have been ordering for a while but they cancelled my order. The restaurant did anddddd I didn’t get my food orrrr my money back. I want a refund this is unacceptable. My address was in and I can show proof of that.

  11. I received my food late from a delivery person on a bicycle. He came all the way from town on it. My food was all cold and my daughter didn’t eat hers and I could barely eat much of mine. I couldn’t warm it up because it’s chicken. I contacted them immediately and they told me the issue would be dealt with. I never heard back so I put the complaint in again and asked for a refund, they said they won’t refund me now as it’s been 48 hours since the order. I contacted them again to remind them that the first time I contacted them it was right at the time my food came cold. They just sent me the same email again to say it’s gone past the 48 hours and that they won’t refund me. I contacted them over and over again now and they ignored my last message. I paid for food we didn’t eat and a servise that wasn’t provided properly. I feel robbed.

  12. Hi Iv had my delivery stolen my a one of uber eats drivers. When I rang to speak to them there was nothing they could do as I’d gone through the Asda website.
    He didn’t want to take any details or care about who the driver was.
    I’m shocked…£127 worth of food was stolen 9days before Christmas. This happened yesterday ( Saturday ) I have to wait 3-5 working days for a refund.
    Asda couldn’t help me as it was a third party but the third party couldn’t help me either.


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