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Complaint Phone Number0808 169 7335
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One of the most used cab service apps in the world, Uber has to make sure that their customers can reach them if the need arises. Uber cabs run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So, customers might have trouble at any time. They should be able to reach the customer service executives if they find themselves in a situation where they need help. This is why Uber has kept multiple channels of communication open for their customers to get in touch with customer service executives. Here are the various ways in which riders can lodge Uber complaints if they need to.

Via Their In-App Support

The fastest and easiest way to get help from Uber is to use their in-app support. The ‘Help’ section in the Uber app is always available to the riders who can use this feature to get in touch with the customer care executives and seek help. The ‘Help’ section lists out a variety of problems that a rider can be facing. According to which category the rider picks and the additional details provided by the rider will help the support team of Uber to provide due assistance to them.

Via Phone

If you need to speak to someone directly to register your Uber complaint then you can call their support number which is 08081897190. It is available around the clock on all seven days of the week. You can also make this call from the ‘Help’ section in the Uber app. Clicking on the ‘Call Support’ button will put you directly in touch with someone from the Uber support team who should be able to provide you the kind of assistance you need in that moment. The customer service executive who is attending to your call can help you with a wide range of issues but in case of a non-emergency situation if you require assistance you must call the police or other concerned authorities.

Via Social Media

The official pages of Uber are active and responsive on Twitter and Facebook. You can get customer service from Uber through these social media if you can manage to get their attention to your issue. On Twitter, you must not forget to tag the official handle of Uber when you are tweeting for customer support from them. Just hashtags may not be enough to get your tweet noticed so it is better to tag their official handle. On Facebook, you can directly message the official page of Uber for assistance.

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  1. At 5.30 pm this afternoon car reg dy65zgb vauxhall a driver dropped a customer off outside my block of flats and the driver got out of the vehicle and urinated against the wall of the flats
    This needs to be addressed and recorded


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