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Planning a vacation for the upcoming holidays? No worries you have TUI who will manage your tour for you. TUI (Touristik Union International) is a tourism industry based in the UK. It is one of the topmost tourism industries. At TUI you can get value for money tourism packages for both domestic and abroad tours. They provide top-notch services irrespective of the tour location. There are a lot of tour plan options you can choose from. Everyone can find a package suitable for their mind and their pockets. If you travel with TUI ones, you might just not ever divert from your choice.

Although TUI tries to give their best possible services to the customer, they might have some shortcomings in their management. If you face a problem on a tour with them, the first thing that you will have to do is to inform the person responsible for your group. This might get your complaint dealt with immediately. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you will always have the customer services of TUI to turn to. TUI gives great importance to their customer services since tourism is a customer valued business.

Tui Complaints Procedure and Details

If you face any issue while on the tour with TUI then let the TUI representative know about it immediately. The TUI representative will do everything in his power to resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with the solution presented to you then you can make an official complaint about the tour to the TUI customer service within 28 days of your return.

Issues related to any section of the tour like- flight, accommodation, and food are dealt with but the customer services. There are several ways of getting in touch with customer services. You can find them on the contact us page on the company website. Provide as much information they need to investigate your complaint that is from your holiday dates to your booking references. A few ways to get in contact are given below.


You can leave feedback on your tour to the customer services with a form available on their website. You will get an acknowledgment with your booking reference and case reference within a few days. You can get in touch with them directly by calling 0203 451 2699 this number. Lines are open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM only during weekdays. They have a feedback section for each section of their tour so if your complaint is specific you must find your section on their website.


Now that you know how to deal with TUI complaints it is recommended that you travel at least once with the TUI industry. Let us know how your experience was and what to stay aware of during a tour in the comments. If you face any problem while making your complaint to TUI let us know in the comments too.

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12 thoughts on “Tui Complaints”

  1. Booking ref 13154921
    I started ringing to change this holiday today at 2pm, got thru after 40mins,because my husband needs walk in shower, which doesnt tell you in brochure, I was transferred, after another long wait I did get help, but was put on hold so she could arrange transfer of funds, my call then went back into the system and was still not answered by 5pm. I feel booking on line for certain requirements doesnt work, why cant it be transferred back to the shop I always went to where they were always so helpful. Very frustrated.
    mrs K J Bennett.

  2. I made a complaint by email to Pre-travel enquiries on the TUI website on 1st July and was given ticket no.6768654, the auto reply said I would receive a reply within 72 hours. To date I have not received any reply. I think this is poor customer relations.

  3. Ref 13649812
    Following the recent government information that the country I was due to fly to on 1/8/21 was potentially moving to amber+, I contacted Tui on Friday afternoon 23/7/21 . I explained as a critical key worker we could not quarantine ,and had no option but to reschedule . Joe the advisor changed my holiday to October as I requested and this the incurred an additional cost of £120 each which I paid . I then found out no more than 20 minutes later that our friends who were also going had received an notification that our holiday was been cancelled by Tui, and as an incentive given 25% discount to encourage them to reboot . I feel absolutely mislead that at no point in my conversation did Joe tell me this , and proceeded to take extra from me . I have worked through the pandemic working with hospitals and was so ready for this break . However knowing I may need to quarantine for 10 days , I knew I could not do this for work purposes. I explained this to Joe but again he never told me the holiday was been cancelled so I would have had other options . I could have looked for a green list country , but to not given the option of the 25% discount , but to be charged more I feel is unfair and not the open , honest company I thought Tui were . I would appreciate if this could be looked into , as I want to support Tui , but I also feel very let down by this

  4. I fly in 6 days tui have just informed I need a letter from the nhs as proof of vaccination not enough notice has been given also your business partner chromatics do not respond to emails or phone calls . Such a poor service doubt I will ever use you again .ps do not send me a standard apologetic email I need definitive answers not stick answers or where sorry

  5. Booking 12395048
    I am still waiting for refund after cancelling my holiday. I have spent literally hours on a phone, stuck in a loop, and getting nowhere. TUI must be raking millions in with this scam, Does the ombudsman have a job or are they on furlough.

  6. Booking reference 13531954

    Complaint against the staff at Winton store Bournemouth

    Our first holiday booked on line was counselled and TUI kindly gave a 20% up grand.
    I discovered the conciliation a week before we were due to depart as the email had found its way to junk mail for some reason. As a result, I attended the store in a hurry about an hour before closing to rebook the holiday. I was treated very well by the very helpful member of staff who assisted in every way posable. ( two staff members in shop)
    Whilst in the shop staff organised the parking and test kits payments and I passed over my credit to pay for the items. In respect of the purchase due not to having all information to hand I was required to ring through the following day with name details as shown on passports. This I did.
    0n the Monday I rang to see when I could return to shop to print off boarding passes, parking instructions be provided this the store was happy to do but informed me that they were closed Thursday but I could send my partner in anytime before 5 pm Friday. He arrived before 3 PM having finished work early to be able to collect the papers and a credit card.
    This is sadly were it goes very badly wrong, he arrived to locked doors ! There were however still two members of staff in the shop. My partner explained he had come to collect printed documents and pick up a credit card.
    The one staff said they were closed he expressed concern and explained that we were leaving at 4 AM the next day he had out spread arms and hands facing up in a clear gesture of someone indeed of help he felt helpless and stressed.
    The reaction of the staff member was not to be helpful but rather preferring to be insulting pulling a face at him and mimic his hand gestures leaving my partner humiliated and upset.
    Perhaps not unsurprising given the ridiculous and totally unnecessary behaviour by the staff actions my Partner did reacted badly but without thought. He said he felt helpless and regretted his response but informed me it happened before he had even realised what he did he said it was the helplessness of the situation and face pulling and the taking the rise that must have tipped him over the edge.
    My partner then walked away then returned to take pictures and a video a video of the empty shop he also realised that it was still before 3 PM
    My partner said that the staff had their hand bags on the desks and did not need to turn of computers, they had left through the back door before 3 PM.
    I understand we all like to finish work early on a nice day perhaps go to the beach but the printing of the papers I am sure would have only taken just a few minutes and this whole sorry sarge would have been avoided but clearly staff wanting to have an early finish was more important to themselves.
    For us there was still much to do be able to go on holiday a lot of stress to endure rather than relaxing and looking forward to a holiday.
    On Friday night we still did not have parking information or papers printed off .
    We were required to make a number of phone calls to loan a printer from friends and in complete contrast staff from Lincoln shop were a massive help and were able to assist us so we could eventually complete the printing and other outstanding issues. We were on the phone for 0ne and a half hours.
    (The Parking document at the top gives an instruction to print and to keep the document with you perhaps the staff did not think this important).

    On Monday the 12 July having discovered we would need a test kit reference number we were required to ring TUI shop as I had thought I had paid for this item ( in fact it had not been processed un sure why see above para) We also wanted to speak to a manager about our treatment.
    My partner had the phone on load speaker and was polite when speaking to the “acting manager” her attitude quickly changed once my partner started to explain his concerns she became quite rude and was ranting putting the phone down but not before banning my partner from the shop.
    At no time did she seek to deal with the quires she did admit that my partner was there before 3 PM there was no apologue or any attempted to deal with the issues of concern.
    We then had to take the time out to check with the bank on the payment for the test kits and as said found out the TUI purchase did not go through. We were then required to spend £98.00 on new test kits to be able to return home.

    We feel that if the shop had taken the time to deal with the printing of the papers and explaining about witch car park we were booked with the following may also have been avoided. Perhaps due to the stress of the day the lateness in dealing with the issues and only having a few hours sleep due to finishing packing late all from the knock on effect.
    On our return home when leaving the parking area we discovered that we had parked at the wrong place ( we take some reasonability for this ) but should be noted in the context that in shop I was told north parking so I set my maps to this reference. The way you gain entry is conducive to the parking group being able to take advantage of any unsuspecting traveller. The result was that we were required to pay £112.00 and we did not use Purple parking the site paid for.
    My partner and I have both used Tui separately many times ( without issue ) before and in fact I have another holiday rolled over to next year pending and I am considering if I should take this option given the treatment

    My partner having read this letter feels the following should be raised. In respect of his reaction to the face pulling and mimicking he did hit the door he said this was not deliberate or calculated he has never done anything like this before. I think this shows the impact of the un professional actions of the staff behaviour and his reaction should not diminish from that.
    During the conversation on Monday the 12 July my Partner did say he was intending to make a complaint to TUI head office given the rudeness he was receiving.
    On our return we received a call from the police who made it clear their was no issue for them he only phoned to say not to enter the TUI shop my Partner assured the officer that he had no intention of entering the shop and had not even thought about it.
    Again the contacting the police we feel was a ploy to deflect from the staffs own behaviour on learning a complaint was going to be sent to head office and Germany head office.

  7. Booking ref 13562343- Marella Explorer 2 cruise, date of travel 30-8-2021 to 06-08-2021.
    My husband spent hours trying to contact the Tui site and didn’t manage to contact them, he then went into the Selby shop and had a question about contacting complaints. The Selby staff refused to help as we booked a cruise online. During the cruise my wife fell on a passageway and was treated on the ship- The doctor told me it was sprained. A further check when arriving home has identified a broken ankle. The officer who spoke with me admitted the passageway wasn’t well-lit or marked. I went to my local hospital and have been advised that my ankle is broken and that I will need treatment for the next 2 months, I will be monitored by a fracture clinic. The Tui website is poor and difficult to lodge a complaint. I expect a response as a matter of urgency, but I don’t know if they will respond reading some of the comments about poor service. It makes me think I don’t want to travel with them again …….. I don’t imagine they will do anything so if no response is received I will be contacting my solicitor.

  8. It is so difficult to get hold of somebody to complain to or know what to do. on the 15th September was denied boarding at the gate on a flight as claimed Wife passport was invalid due to issue date Dec 2011 but expire Sept 2022. on the same day TUI put the below press release out in a national paper. The TUI rep at the airport said dont let them on but then was unavailable to speak to. Board control said TUI and Ryanair are the worst for this.
    For example, someone with a passport issued in October 2011, which has an expiry date in April 2022, could still travel to the EU until October 2021 on the passport, and stay for up to 90 days.

    TUI has since said that they have “changed the policy accordingly” and that passengers won’t be stopped from boarding.

    They said: “Following new information provided, we can confirm that we have now changed our policy accordingly. Customers will not be denied boarding on the basis that their passport needs to meet both conditions dependently.”

  9. Ref:- 13197539

    My holiday with TUI has been cancelled because BA has cancelled the flight with the option of a refund or rebook another holiday. On their website there is one on the same dates, same resort and same hotel but with flights by Easyjet 10 minutes before the original BA flight. To transfer to this holiday TUI asked for an additional £270! Why?

  10. I have always booked my holidays through Tui and been very satisfied until now, I booked a holiday for June 2022 with a low cost deposit unfortunately my mother is seriously ill in hospital and I have been chase from your local reprehensive for the remainder of the deposit due to being at the hospital everyday and not being able to work I was unable to give the remainder of the deposit but did ask if I could pay on the 29th December but was told no and if I did not pay the holiday would be cancelled I feel as my mother is in hospital there was no sympathy for this then I am told I will lose my deposit I feel this is disgraceful that as a long standing customer of Tui there is no offer of any help or assistance.

  11. I purchased the cape verde trip again and paid £800 deposit, i received an email on the 13th december to say it was cancelled, i called up straight away and spoke to someone, i actually spoke to a few people that day, one of the people i spoke to said the deposit would get refunded to the card. I was also given the option to pay £50 pp administration fee to keep the booking but i obviously wasnt willing to pay more for the same holiday for something that wasnt my fault so i thought i would just get a refund and book the same holiday. This is what i did. However, no refund has come so i just called tui and they said that i wont be getting a refund as this is not their policy. I feel like i have been completely ripped off and am not happy at all. They said they had sent text messages and email prior to cancelling but the only one i received was to say it had been cancelled, it doesnt make sense that i wouldnt of responded as i wtill wanted to go and this was shown by the new booking that was the exact same holiday.

    the booking reference for the cancelled holiday is – 14492447

    our new holiday booking reference is – 14542032

    As you can see they are exactly the same holiday for the same 5 people, if i had not been told i was getting a refund i would of opted to pay the £50pp that is noted on the system.

  12. poor service i paid for holiday in full then they added more money on manager etc does not ring back said i was cancelling my holidaythey said fine you dont get your money back poor poor staff at shop


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