Ticketmaster Complaints

Ticketmaster is a British company that is the world’s largest ticket marketplace. It operates globally by providing a platform to sell and buy tickets for events, theatres, etc. The company began in 1976 and is growing exponentially to date. 

Ticketmaster Complaints

The company is reputed for its high-quality service and exceptional user interface. Even though Ticketmaster has been the market leader, there is always a possibility for error. Read more on Ticketmaster’s complaint policy to address those times.

How To Make A Complaint?

Methods Details
Chatbot Open the website to chat with the bot
Request Form https://help.ticketmaster.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000997197
Headquarters Location 7060, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA, 90028

Ticketmaster values its customers and aims to deliver the highest level of service to all of them. So if they fall short, they encourage their customers to tell them about it. You can make a complaint and send all the comments to the right team.

Ticketmaster has many vendors and agents involved in their process, so any complaint will take time to resolve. They will try to gather all the evidence and information from everyone concerned regarding the complaint and resolve the issue within 28 days.


Since Ticketmaster is all about tickets, they try to help their customers with ticket orders. They have specific customer care representatives who work for customer orders. 

If you have the tickets, you can directly go to your ticket and click on the “Need help with this order?” button on the right bottom corner. The agent will then guide you through a series of steps where you have to fill in your details and click on submit.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can choose to connect with an agent over a call in the end. They will call you back and try to resolve the issue.

If you don’t have the tickets and still want to complain regarding something related, you can submit a request form. The agent will look into the ticket request or any query related to the tickets and work on it immediately. 

You will get a mail or a call based on the request, and the agent will resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Chat With Them

If something urgent requires special attention, you can always opt to chat with Ticketmaster agents. Select “Chat With Us” on the “Contact Us” page. Once you click on it, the chat window will pop up. The Chat With Us icon is a “T” icon available on the right bottom corner.

The chat uses templates to help the customer reach out to the right team. Once the customer chooses their options and gives out the essential details, the agent will direct the customer to the related department and try to resolve the issue immediately. The agents are available from 9 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays. 

Ticketmaster advises customers to use the “Chat With Us” option only if the event is in the next three days or an urgent complaint that requires immediate attention. They would like to prioritise their customer’s needs and address the important ones first.

For not-so-important complaints or some issues that can quickly be resolved, you can submit the request form and complain about your issue.

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