The Range Complaints

Furniture and mini-gardens give an aesthetic look and feel to our homes. The Range retailer is meant for increasing the aesthetic aspects of our homes. The Range is a UK based retail business dealing with furniture, gardening, and leisure products.

In 1980, The Range was started out as an open-air market and in 1989; its first physical store was opened at Sugar Mill Business Park on Billacombe Road, Plymouth. Since then, the retailer business kept the impressive expansion rate and now it has more than 180 stores in the UK and Ireland. The Range offers many products including kitchen accessories, gardening tools and furniture, home ware, home furniture, and much more. Because of its varied products and convenience, The Range has become one of the largest gardening and home ware retailers of the UK.

The Range Complaints

The furniture retailer offers varied products and customer services via its official website. And if you are facing any difficulty regarding any of its products or staff or simply want to show your dissatisfaction by registering a complaint against the retailer then you can readily do it through its website. You can connect with the retailer’s customer services team via any of the following methods.

  • Via Phone
  • Via Contact Form
  • Via Visiting any of the Range’s Stores

How to Lodge a Complaint to the Range

You can complain via any of the above means but registering the complaint via phone is the most convenient as it is an instant means of resolving your query. For lodging, a complaint via phone, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘contact us’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will find their phone number i.e., 0345 026 7598. Pick up your phone and dial the given number for initiating the complaint process.

Once you are connected with a member of the customer support team then you can lodge your complaint and the member will guide you through the resolution process of your complaint. Besides reaching them out by phone, you can also file your complaint via any of the following methods.

Via Contact Form

In case, you don’t want to register your complaint via phone then you can contact them via contact form. You will find a link to contact form on the contact us page. Click the link and you will be redirected to another webpage where you will find a contact form. Just fill in this form with relevant details like your name, email, phone number, and complaint message. Once you have entered your name, email, and your enquiry, submits the form. After submitting the form, one of the representatives of the customer team will contact back within 48 hours.

Via Visiting your Nearest the Range Store

Still, you can lodge your complaint by visiting any of your nearest The Range’s stores. The Range has more than 180 stores in the UK and Ireland and you can find one via its website. Like phone, this is also an instant means of lodging complaint and subsequent resolution of the issue.

Besides all these communication options, you can still follow the retailer via it’s official social media accounts which will keep you updated about latest products and discount deals.

To Wrap it Up

The Range has become one of the favorite shopping destinations for Brits for furniture products. Also, The Range has ensured multiple communication channels for their consumers’ satisfaction. Use any of them if you need to get in touch with the retailer.  For more information please visit the link

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