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One of the hallmarks of a good service provider is that they keep a clear line of communication open between them and their consumers. That is exactly what Transport for London (TFL) does. TFL makes sure that all their customers’ complaints are heard. If you are a commuter who uses any of the services provided by the TFL then you should be aware of how you can get in touch with them if you have any issues during your commute or have any complaints about any of the services that they are providing. Read on to find out how you can lodge your TFL complaints.

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Via an In-Person Chat with The TFL Workers

All staff of the TFL have customer service training and are fully capable of helping you out if you have any issues. If they cannot provide you the solution then they can definitely point you to someone who can. So, you can definitely get in touch with one of them. 

Via Their Website

The TFL website clearly states a two-step procedure to lodge complaints and give feedback. No matter which part of the website you are browsing, lodging a complaint is only two steps away. The other contact information required to lodge a TFL complaint can be found on their website. So, the website helps ensure that the lines of communication between the service providers and those who use the service are never closed. 

Via Phone Call

The customer service team of the TFL is available round the clock all seven days of the week. The number is easy to remember and the calls to lodge TFL complaints can be made at local rates. The number is 03432221234 and you can make the call whenever you need to lodge a complaint. If the lines are busy then a recorded message will notify you of the various other ways in which you can lodge a complaint. 

Via Textphone

A textphone service to lodge TFL complaints is available for those customers who have a hearing disability. The number to use this service is 08001123456. This is available around the clock on all days of the week. 

Via Post

A postal address is available for those customers who wish to use the postal service to lodge their complaint with the TFL. 

Via Social Media

TFL has active Facebook and Twitter pages. More and more customers are using social media nowadays to lodge TFL complaints. You can message them directly on Facebook or Twitter or you can share a public post stating your complaint and tag the official handles of TFL. This has a better chance of getting your query noticed.

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5 thoughts on “TFL Complaints”

  1. Please send some one urgently to see Southgate problems
    tel 07932120906

    ichael e haan
    Tue, 18 May, 17:03 (18 hours ago)
    to Mayor, bcc: me

    Dear Steven Paul
    The council has blocked my emails also to my local councillors who Enfield ignores
    As it is 18 months since the majority voted against the LTN so I ask again that the mayor personally investigates and cancel this.LTN
    TFL has allthese complaints and so has the local MP
    so again I ask of the mayor for the 4th time to investigate and not pass on
    and stop passing the buck
    Yours disappointedly for the4th time
    Mike Dehaan

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Dear TFL,
    RE: ZIP Card Muhammed Inzar Jafor DOB 16.10.08 Address: 13 Rectory Sq E1 3NQ

    I applied for a zip card for my son early March 2021. I was then sent a text that I should receive it within 10 working days around 22nd March. When I didn’t receive it I called you and was informed that you posted the card to my address without the door number!

    A second was sent out and I received a text 4th of May to expect it within 10 working days.

    i have received it today 19th May.

    In the mean time I am paying for travel for my son who has to use the bus/DLR to and from school costing us a lot of money. I would like to kindly request a refund.

    Bank details
    miss s begum
    sc: 09.01.26
    acc. 71365751

    appreciate you help.

  3. FL-1499268-1624438787
    Please raise this as a formal complaint against TFL and D Milton for absolutely FAILING to read and acknowledge FACTS

    1. You first PCN Never reached me – refer to ALL others as they have been paid ON Time
    2. Not at home during covid
    3. Looking after a disabled relative

    I asked to be referred back to the £80 and am disgusted with this arrogant Mr Milton failing to realise a situation

    Are you SKINT

  4. I have just been watching some of the appalling footage of England fans at the game last night and on your underground trains. It looked as if nearly every one of them on the tube train had a can or bottle in their hand and/or a bag of same. Where were BTP? How can these thugs be allowed on the trains with alcohol when you have a strict ‘No alcohol’ policy? Why was there no attempt made to confront this and deal with it by either your staff or the BTP? Disgraceful scenes followed and TFL must take some responsibility.

  5. Hi TFL,I would like clarity with regards to a certain matter and also make a complaint. On 07/08/21, I travelled from Upton Park station to a friend near Surrey Quays over ground station. I returned to Surrey Quays at about 20,20hrs. Once there I could not locate my oyster card. It appeared to have fallen out of my phone holder as I was walking. I panicked wondering how I was going to get home.

    I approached the station staff and explained my predicament, asking if I could have an unpaid ticket notice. I outlined that I would give all details including names/address,/contact and so on. The cost of the ticket is only £1.70 which I would gladly pay next day. The staff refused stating he did not know me, I could be anyone, If he gives it to me he will have to do this to everyone. He also stated he could lose his job.

    I informed the staff that he could use his discretion and I was not trying to fraud TFL. He refused. Luckily enough someone who appeared to be a rough sleeper came into the station with an oyster and pressed it against the machine. As he was about to walk away, I asked him if it was his. He informed me that he had found it on the street. So I was able to retrieve my card.

    However my contention is with the staff who I found totally unsympathetic, devoid of empathy almost accusatory. He was unwilling to listen and take on board my predicament. An unpaid ticket would have cost £1.79, yet I believe the staff came across as me trying to fraud/deceive TFL. To be quite frank, I became highly agitated at his demeanour and verbally abused him using expletives which I am not proud of. I did say he could use his discretion, but he was adamant that I was trying to fraud TFL, he could lose his job, he did not know me and soon.

    I am a grown man who is nearly sixty years and initially felt quite humiliated during the initial stage of approaching the staff to explain my predicament. If that person did not return my ticket, I did not know how I was going to get home. Not happy at your staff and maybe TFL should think that not everyone is out to cheat and rob them.


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