Tesco Complaints

Tesco is a British company that was founded by Jack Cohen. The multinational company has made quite a name for itself in the industry. Tesco has several shops all across Asia and Europe that sell groceries and other merchandise. The company has been quite helpful to all its customers. The staff encourages the use of technology to file online complaints or orders.

tesco complaints

With headquarters located in Welwyn Garden City, in England, the company has been very consistent in delivering quality products. Over time, it has gained the trust of many customers and today it is one of the largest retailers in the world. The hundred and one-year-old company knows how to keep its customers happy and has come up with several ways in which the company officials can be contacted. The methods are listed below:

Tesco Customer services

The company has very active customer service. Executives are very helpful and understanding and any complaint that you file will be looked into carefully. The contact number to reach customer service officials is 0800505555. This is the easiest way to let the company know about the problems you are facing.

Another way to reach the customer services of Tesco is to send them an email. If you are unable to reach them by phone you can always send them an email addressing the issue you are facing. Their customer service email id is [email protected]. Receiving a solution through the mail may take a little longer than usual. If you are eager to talk to customer service executives, we suggest you use the phone number. However, if you do have some time on your hand, you may also use the email id.

Contact the CEO

If you face a difficulty that the customer service executives are unable to resolve, you can contact the CEO of the company. If you feel the customer service officials are unwilling to help you, try sending an email to the CEO at [email protected]. You will receive a reply quickly and the customer services will swiftly get engaged in resolving your issue. However, try to call the customer service number or send an email before you approach the CEO.

Tweet It

Using social media to let the company know that you are unhappy with their services is a clever option. Companies are very sensitive to what people on social media think of them. Therefore, if you want to get to them quickly, try tweeting to them. Try tweeting to Tesco(UK) and wait for a reply. You will be contacted by an official quickly and you can talk to them to elaborate on the problem you are facing.


The company acknowledges the fact that human error does occur and has therefore taken several steps to make it easy for customers to reach the executives. The officials are quite professional and dedicated to their jobs, and will solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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