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Talktalk is one of the most well-known connectivity and data services providers in the country. Now that the world has moved online, a proper data connection has become a necessity. Disruptions in connectivity have become stressful and customers are often found complaining about poor connectivity. As a telecom business, it is essential for Talktalk to be accessible to their customers. Hence, they have kept multiple channels of communication open for the consumers to reach them. Read on to find out more about all the ways to reach the customer service executives of Talktalk.

talktalk complaints


Start A Live Chat 

A live chat option is one of the latest and fastest ways to help customers get assistance with whatever issues that they may be facing with a product or service. All the customer has to do is write down the issue they are having in the live chat box. The resolution will be communicated to the customer through the same chat box. If the customer is unhappy with the way the problem was resolved then the customer service executives will communicate with the customer the other ways to resolve the issue. Complaints about Talktalk can be communicated to customer service executives through the live chat box round the clock on all seven days of the week.

Send an Email 

Customers can write in their queries and issues to Talktalk by sending them an email on Complaints about Talktalk sent via email are replied to within 72 hours. Customers must be careful to include their full name and their Talktalk phone or mobile number.

Send A Letter 

Complaints about Talktalk can also be posted to their offices. But customers should be careful to include their full name, their Talktalk phone or mobile number and their signature. They must post their letters to the TalkTalk Correspondence Dept. PO Box 675 Salford M5 0NL. The customer service executives at Talktalk try their best to reply to letters within ten days of receiving them. Customers must include their billing address and the best way to reach them in their letters.

Take It Further 

Some customers may not be happy with how their issue was resolved. In such a case, they have to get in touch with the managers. They can send an email or write a letter addressed to the manager and they must receive a reply within three days of sending the letter or email.

To Conclude 

Telecom businesses are on their toes as demand for internet and connectivity is on the rise with the world running almost completely virtually. Customer issues must be sorted immediately or they might lose their customers to their competitors. A fast and responsive customer service must be in place to avoid losing out on customers. Customers must be provided with multiple ways of reaching the team with complaints about Talktalk if necessary. So it is better to have them in place beforehand and that is exactly what Talktalk has done.

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6 thoughts on “TalkTalk Complaints”

  1. I am an existing TalkTalk customer and have ordered the Fast Fibre for my property at 59 Saxon Way and the guys have been out to install the pipe form the road to the house.

    They have put the pipe under the lawn and that has damaged the turf from the road to the house, the path in front of the door has been left uneven and the concrete fence post has been badly damaged.

    I am not at all happy about the way this work had been completed or the condition that property has been left after the work has been carried out, all this without a word about a return to rectify mend and make good the damage.

    I would like someone to come out and address these issues at your expense as this is not acceptable.

  2. TALK TALK IS A DISGUSTING, APPALLING FIRM with no customer service whatsoever. Your operative was rude and and ignorant when talking to me and clearly did not understand the situation. My mother had died and I wanted to ensure that the final payment was made to the executors’ account as my mother’s account has been closed. She repeatedly argued with me and told me that I couldn’t give her my name as I was not the same as the executor (as if I am stupid). Indeed, I am the same as an executor and the executors’ account is in my name, under the instruction of a solicitor. Clearly, as the member of Talk Talk was American she doesn’t understand British law. Every time I tried to explain, she talked over me and refused to accept what I was saying. Then SHE PUT THE PHONE DOWN. My mother has died and this is the last thing I need, on top of my own long term health conditions. I am totally and utterly disgusted at the attitude and will be writing to your CEO.

  3. Paid for talk talk tv. The box blows the electric. I call talk talk 20 times to send a new one, they want to do tests, diagnostics ?
    Then charge me £25 for a new one that’s not turned up for 9 days !!
    Can’t get anyone in the UK to answer, people who do don’t do english, panic put the phone down, not once but 4 times !!!
    What a useless company

    • At least they did not ask you to perform alone , i was instructed how to test my socket because its part of their protocol . My problem was no internet . I wasted 3 hours in their useless chats where they supposedly investigate where has internet vanished , unsuccessfully of course . I am terminating these fools had enough of them saving from technical support or proper knowledgeable assistants . My advise get rid of them idiots. Dilyana

  4. I thought i had an order with Talk talk only to call to find out from your team i dont. been calling since December as you said i didn’t have an order so i bought with BT. now trying to send tech and engineer, when i call u tell me i have no account and cant cancel. well yesterday i refused to take delivery of your tech as i didn’t order it, already have my BT tech and an account with them and engineer booked. if an engineer turns up. or i am charged for any of this i will sue Talk talk. I have tried to talk to you, send messages emails, but clearly you have no trained humans who know what they are doing working there! Your systems and proceedures donmt work and always fail. you have zero customer service. I’ve had nothing but problems with Talk talk I wouldnt come back so stop sending me messages and tech and take me off your system!!!

  5. my internet went on the 18th dec 2023, so on webchat , as the phone line was working he said it was the ethernet cable aand it would be sent in 2-3 days, Came thursday no cable, another useless webchat, over 2 hrs of lies and excuses they claim it will now come after christmas, and i got who was delivering it and a tracking number, It is now 27th dec and when i check the tracking number it still says what it has said for days with sender, not even on route, They have left me with no internet from 18th dec to now 27th dec and still nothing has been posted at there end, I paid £20 for 5 days internet expecting the cable to come , but no , had to spend another £20 for additional 5 days, but looks like that will not be enough either, This company has shocking customer service, Though they were out to fix my line last mth, so will give credit for that, but something as simple as a ethernet cable , not so clever, And i did buy the cable they told me it was and guess what it does not fit the broadbad connection , So might be getting a call from them as i have put in a complaint , but i had to change the time , so will see, 27th at 3-5pm , won,t hold my breath


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