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Sky telecom is one of the largest telecoms in the world. It is one of the big names in the telecom industry. They do not usually leave any room for complaints in their services. However, they have faced complaints from customers; one of them was that sky made it harder to leave the contract after it had ended. The company made no delay in cleaning up their act. The company changed their contract ending the policy and made it more user friendly immediately.

Despite having a top-notch landline, internet, and cable TV services the company also received complaints about faults in its landline connectivity. Although the percentage of people complaining about it was very thin. About 5 out of 100,000 people made this sky complaint. All things considered, there are still a few customers that are not satisfied with sky services. So we have all the information they need for their interests.

sky complaints


There are a few ways in which you can complain about Sky telecom. The ways are laid out for you below

Direct complaint

Customers can complain by calling the following landline number 03300413019 landline and TV cable services. They can also call 0333759283 on mobile. Customers can also make contact through written complaints by writing to Customer Complaints, Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD. The customer will have to provide their name, postcode, phone number, and address in the written complaints.

Social media complaint

In this age of technology and huge online activities, the best platform to launch a complaint is social media. All the companies are afraid of the amount of loss social media complaints can bring on them because social media is a way to reach and make other customers aware of the faults of the company. The best way to contact Sky on social media is through Twitter at @SkyUK or @SkyHelpTeam. Putting them in your tweets about the complaints will get their attention. You can also contact their page on Facebook.

Alternative ways to resolve disputes

If your complaints are not being responded to or if the issue is not being resolved by the company within eight weeks of your application, then you can launch a formal complaint to the CISAS, it is an approved dispute resolution scheme. It is a free and impartial service for communication customers. It investigates the complaint and if found in customers’ favor the company will have to pay up because CISAS judgment is final.


The article provides all you need to register your claims against Sky telecom. Sky complaints are made rarely but make sure to report the company if you are facing an issue and launch a complaint against the administration. If you face any problems make sure to comment, do you think there are other ways to complain against Sky telecom then you can let the other customers know how to access them.

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  1. Why is the volume on most channels so variable .very often even if the volume is at max one can hardly hear it, surely volume can be at medium level,to be adjusted by viewer after all the service being provided does not match the subscriptions paid turn the wick up


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