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As a part of a rather important telecommunication chain, the Royal Mail is operative for quite some centuries. Not only does the mail aim for faster delivery, but it also has quite a reputation for making some of the esteemed couriers as well. Apart from letters, the Royal Mail also helps in making deliveries when someone is moving from one home to another. They have a redirection option which is custom made for people who have moved homes. Since their addresses have not been officially charged, that could have made a mess. But all thanks to the new feature that the Royal Mail has, the entire mailing procedure is a smooth journey.
Their click and drop facility help you to send letters and parcels from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is purchase the label post which you need to attach it to the item. If you want, you can also go to any delivery office. A post and parcel box, or the post office, also works. That is where you drop it to be delivered.
However, with great powers, come great responsibilities. And with great responsibilities, come great chances of error. Hence, there are quite a lot of people who go on google, searching for Royal Mail complaints. To those people, we say that we have got answers for you. This article is going to be all about lodging a complaint to the Royal Mail. Starting from their website, their business email, their social media accounts. We got you covered.
royal mail complaints

Post Office Complaints:

The traditional way to go about it was to visit the nearest post office. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, things have changed. Now all you have to do is fill out a form. The form is readily available on their website. In case you have any enquiry or complaints pertaining to lost items, mail delays, or damaged goods, you can fill it up. The form asks you for your basic details, like your name, address, phone number, and postcode. Post which you are supposed to fill in the complaint in a box. 

Complaining through Business Email:

You can also email your complaint through the Royal Mail’s business email. The answers are usually quick and prompt. The business email of the royal mail is open twenty-four hours every day. This would help you to file a complaint via their email address. All you need to do is write an email describing your concern, and put the subject as “complaint about so and so”. The solution would be prescribed to you within some hours, or perhaps a few days. 

Complaints Filed through Social Media:

The Royal Mail is on Instagram and Twitter. Both the accounts go by the username of @RoyalMail. In case they have not responded to your email, you could resort to texting them on social media. They check all their DMs and since the activity on social media is more than the activity on emails, you can expect a fast answer.
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  1. I have sent an email regarding a redirection authorised by Nichola Michaelson. I have also sent a letter to her letting her know that probate has not been granted, yet she still allowed my husbands mail to be redirected. I wish to complain . There are a variety of reasons why my husbands mail should only concern me. I have suggested that she get in touch with the solicitor which address I gave her.

  2. I sent a letter on the 23/6/2021 via certificate of posting.According to track and trace they have it and it’s safe.But when I use track and’s still at my local post office.Due to ill health I have’nt been able to go back now and using oline track and trace is useless,the voice doesn’t repeat the tracking number,same as Morrisons.If I could speak to someone I hope to be able to get somewhere.

    Hello I have not received any post apart from one letter from the NHS about the booster jab. I havent received any post for three weeks. I live on Campsfield Road, London N8 7AS. I have written to my MP about this problem.

  4. The reference number for my parcel is BN458698326GB send on 24 December2021.
    The receiver claims not received from royal mail. Please I need to know what has happened
    to the parcel.


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