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In keeping with the trend of taking everything online the Rugby League too has been made virtual. So, the players, match officials and coaches have to register online on the LeagueNet system via the RFL website.

What is LeagueNet?

It is a participation and competition management system. Instead of submitting the forms as a means of registering as a player, they just have to register themselves on LeagueNet. Their records and statistics are stored digitally for reference by other interested parties. Match officials and coaches also have to register on this website so that they can be part of the league that year.

This prevents the records from being misplaced, destroyed or being lost in the mail. If the players register themselves then all other teams can access their information through this website which is convenient for all. There are other advantages of online registration as well. Here are a few more.

  1. Registration can be done at any time that is convenient.
  2. Players and officials can update their own details. There is less scope for errors.
  3. Registrations are processed quicker now.
  4. It is easier to issue ID cards because of this online process.
  5. Submitting data and making payments is safer and secure as it happens digitally.

With all the advantages, sometimes there may be confusion regarding the registration process or an interested party might not find some information that they need. In this case, a RFL complaint must be lodged so that the issue can be solved.


Ways to register an RFL complaint

There are two ways in which you can sort out any issues that you may have with the registration process of the RFL.


Via Email

You can write into leaguenetsupport@RFL.co.uk stating your issue with a request to let you know of the way to resolve it.


Via Phone

You can call on 03301111113 to seek help with problems you might be facing during the RFL registration. The RFL complaints helpline is not always available. The helpline is functional during office hours which are 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday.


Via FAQs

The RFL website has a dedicated FAQs page where commonly asked questions about the LeagueNet website and its workings are answered. Solutions to difficulties that many people run into are provided on this section of the website.


To Conclude

The LeagueNet website has helped the process of online registration for players, officials and coaches of the rugby league go virtual. This made it easier for those who have to register and those who have to process the registration forms. But there might be some RFL complaints when the people who have to register run into some troubles with the online registration process. But the website has come up with multiple ways to address such RFL complaints. Any coach, official or player can get solutions to their issues by writing an email seeking help or calling the helpline number. Even the FAQs section can help in solving these issues.

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