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Premier inn owns a hotel network that has over 800 hotels across Ireland, UK, and Germany. You will get luxury rooms almost always available in these hotels. Book comfortable and good value rooms on a low budget at premier inn. If you face an issue or have a complaint against the services of the hotels during or after your stay you can always let the company know about them. At the premier inn, they value customer services with great importance. So, you can expect top-quality treatment of your complaint by the customer services.
Premier Inn Complaints
If you face a problem during your stay at a premier inn hotel then you can take it to the hotel room services and they will immediately try to sort it out for you. The problem will be reported to the reception team at the hotel who are available at the service of the customer 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The reception team will see to it that your complaint has been dealt with one way or the other. You might get shifted to a new room if the issue in your room is not resolvable immediately.

Premier Inn Complaints Procedure

The premier inn hotels usually provide top-notch services and receive positive reviews but if you have faced a problem then you have every right to complain against it. The procedure for complaint and details about it are given below. 

How to Get in Contact?

The best way to get in contact for a premier inn complaints is through the contact us page on their website. You have to keep it in mind that neither premier inn nor you have an obligation for dispute resolution online. You must read the terms and conditions before booking. You can also try out their good night guarantee policy. 

The Good Night Guarantees

The premier inn hotels are so confident of their services that the company offers you a good night’s sleep guarantee. If you face an issue or do not get a good night’s sleep your money will be refunded to you the next day. All you will have to do is make a complaint about why you could not sleep at night to the responsible customer service teams of the hotels and you will receive your money back after an official investigation. Read the terms and conditions of the guarantee too before you go for it. 

The Time Limit of the Good Night Guarantee

It is best to let the hotel know about your problem during your stay. If you don’t get a chance to do so you will have seven days after checkout to avail the good night guarantee.


Now that you know all about the procedure to complain against the premier inn you must try out one of their rooms without hesitation. Let us know in comments about their services and if you face any problems during your stay.
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