Police Complaints

Yes, the headline had to be reassuring, given the news of police atrocity that we see all around the globe. Yes, we also get it that you are agitated and you have probably been very passionate about the hashtag All Cops Are Bastards. You have probably met people who argue in a different ethos, and they are very pro-police. We get it, the Not All Police argument might be a little loose when it comes to a commoner like you and I, we might be very confused when it comes to taking a stance. We also understand that there is no other option to avail when we have a complaint to lodge, other than the police. Hence, love it or hate it, you cannot ignore the police force.

We hope the intro was reassuring enough, because obviously, it is a very sensitive topic indeed. However, if you are not feeling threatened enough, then proceed to reading. If you are, well first things first- get off Twitter. Then, read this article. Because here, we would be asking you to stop fretting. That is absolutely correct. Do not fret, or break your head over google searches like police complaints in the UK. Take a deep breath, calm down. We are here, we got you.

There are three major ways how you can lodge a police complaint in the UK, and that is:

Lodging a Complaint through Police Phone Number:

Let’s say you are at a place where the crime is still taking place. In that case, if you have clear visuals, contact the emergency number of the United Kingdom police. The emergency number is 999. However, it is to be noted that you should dial 999 if and only if there is a crime that is happening, and your complaint is urgent. If you think it can wait, then do not. And by that we mean that a complaint about your neighbour’s dog can wait. If you have a non-emergency complaint, then you can ring 101. In case you want to give the police a tip, yet remain anonymous, then you could dial 0800-555-111.


Lodging a Complaint through Their Social Media Pages:

While there are a lot of debates about the police force using social media handles. Quite a few are of the opinion that the police might be tracking people through their usage of social media. The United Kingdom police can be contacted through their twitter handle, and since this is ‘the’ age of social media, you can be rest assured that your complaint would be heard and someone would slide into your DMs.


Lodging a Complaint through the Metropolitan Police Webpage:

You can use the metropolitan police’s website to lodge a complaint when it comes to hate crime and the like. This way, the police can be alerted and the victim could be saved. The police also make sure to prevent this crime from happening.

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