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Complaint Phone Number44 84 5140 0200
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Head OfficeThe Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S. Yorkshire S1 2GU, GB

The advent of internet and allied communication technologies has impacted almost every industry in a fundamental way. This information age has also impacted every aspect of human life. Now without faster communication and internet connections, we can’t survive as every major products and services industry exists virtually. So having super fast internet connection has become a basic need of the day.

Many internet service provider companies exist in almost every country of the world. Likewise Plusnet is an ISP company based in the UK. It was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Sheffield, England, UK. The company provides a range of services including broadband, landline, IPTV and Mobile services. At present, it has more than 8 million active consumers across the UK.

plusnet complaints

The company has an amazing website and if you are facing any difficulty regarding any of its services or staff or simply want to show your dissatisfaction by registering a complaint against the company then you can readily do it through its website. You can connect with the company’s customer services team via any of the following methods.

  • Via Phone
  • Via Twitter
  • Via Mobile App

How to Lodge a Complaint to Plusnet

You can complain via any of the above means but registering the complaint via phone is the most convenient as it is an instant means of resolving your query. For lodging, a complaint via phone, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘contact us’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will find their phone number i.e., 0800 079 1133. Pick up your phone and dial the given number for initiating the complaint process.

Once you are connected with a member of the customer support team then you can lodge your complaint and the member will guide you through the resolution process of your complaint. Besides reaching them out by phone, you can also file your complaint via any of the following methods. You can call them seven days a week and pertinently mentioned that customer support team of Plusnet is an award winner team which means you will be in conversation with one of the most professional customer support team in the UK.

Via Twitter

In case, you don’t want to register your complaint via phone then you can connect with the team via Twitter. You will find a link to their official Twitter account beneath the phone number on the contact us page. Once you click the link then you will be redirected to their official Twitter account. Now you have to tweet your query and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Besides, the Twitter channel you can also connect them via app.

Via Mobile App

In case, you don’t want to register your complaint on the website then alternatively you can do it via their app. Plusnet has an interactive app which you can download from both apple and Google play stores. After downloading the app, login to it and locate the ‘contact’ functionality. Click the ‘contact’ functionality and now you are ready to lodge your complaint.

To Wrap it Up

Plusnet has ensured multiple communication channels for their consumers’ satisfaction. Use any of them if you need to get in touch with the ISP Company.  For more information please visit the link

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2 thoughts on “Plusnet Complaints”

  1. I want to complain of this abysmal service from Plusnet Broadband.
    It is almost impossible to contact the company and the connection I have is so poor I cannot get into my Plusnet account.
    I cannot see how Plusnet justify their advertising.
    I feel that I have been mis-sold this service.
    I cannot use it for my basic internet needs.
    It has never been reliable since it initiation.
    I have been given the run-around by the various CS members and tech advisors.
    Nothing has they have done has ensured a reliable service and I have been fobbed off with the excuse that the only actual offer was via a physical link ie a cable into the router.
    This is nonsense in 2021.
    Wifi is everywhere.
    My previous provider, Sky, presented none of these problems.

    I think that Plusnet are dishonest in their claims in the advertising.

    I am at a loss as to know where to turn except to guess that I have been taken in by the lie and now have to accept the costs of my mistake of believing a lie.

  2. It is very disappointing and dishonest that you have attracted me to you system but then difficulties showed that almost impossible to talk to you and see solution to your wrong doing and dishonesty. I wish to leave you but how can I do that that you appear non existent; how long one has to wait in the line to talk to you.?


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