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PayPal is an American online payment firm that serves worldwide. It is a replacement for the traditional method of utilizing cheques and money orders. With PayPal, online payment has become very simple. It is a user-friendly app that is applicable to all types of users starting from online vendors to many other commercial users. PayPal has highly efficient features like its one-click transaction and password memory. However, on utilizing them you will be charged a small amount fee.

paypal complaints

Developed in Confinity in 1998 this financial app started to serve the public in 2002. It is a major relief for quick transactions and savings. Although it is a very easy app to use but if there are any complaints or grievances regarding its service which the customers would like to express, then for that also PayPal has multiple ways to cater.  This multilingual app has many ways by which you can lodge complaints. Also, you can expect an immediate response from them after you have cast a complaint. Here are a few ways in which PayPal has made communication regarding complaints very easy;

PayPal Complaints: Using the Contact Us Option

Contacting the firm on having queries is a highly reliable way to get your questions answered. You can utilize this option in two ways.

  • Write an Email

Go to the Contact Us option present on PayPal’s page. Then click on the Feedback and formal complaint options. Out of the seven options presents select the one which is closest related to your query. After selecting the option, you will see a series of related questions answered on the page. If that does not answer your complaint then select the “Email Us” option present at the bottom. Fill up the form and write down your query.   Click on “Send Mail”. You can expect a response from the firm to the earliest.

  • Call

In some cases, your queries might be visible under different options rather than the Feedback and formal complaint option. In such a situation you can call the firm on 0800 368 7155. Their service is highly efficient and so they are supposed to answer your call in one go.

Community Forum

One of PayPal’s different way of reaching out to its customers is by it Community Forum. Here, PayPal has attempted to answer some of the most common questions asked by its customers. It even lets you write down your query in the Community Forum and enables other customers to answer it by their experiences.

PayPal Resolution Centre

This is a very helpful way to cater to the queries of the customers. In Resolution Centre, customers can report a transaction problem and can communicator directly with their seller. It lets you resolve any kind of account limitation. Also, if any unauthorized or suspicious activities are happening with your account then you can immediately report it and ask the authorities to investigate it.

Tax Information

Sometimes customers do have queries related to their taxes. In such cases, they can use this option to have insightful information regarding tax.

No matter in whatever way you submit your problem PayPal is always going to keep you updated with any kind of investigation which are supposed to know. It will also suggest you the apt way to lodge your complaint. Hence, it is a very customer-friendly app.

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