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Head Office123 Judd Street, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9NP, GB

Established in 2006, Openreach is a functional division of BT plc’s telecommunication company. Openreach connects all the ducts, cables, cabinets and exchanges of almost all the homes and business in the United Kingdom. It has a great number of field telecommunication engineers that visit nearly 29.500 homes and offices for its customers. It has around. The engineers of this firm install and maintain the physical network between the telephonic exchange and the customer’s premise. There are 537 communications of providers of Openreach that pledge to maintain efficient network communication for its users in the whole of the UK.
Openreach Complaints
Although Openreach has a very dedicated team to work on connecting the communicational lines but in any case, if the customers have a complaint or have a grievance to express then they can do it too. However, if you have a complaint with Openreach then they prefer you to first contact your communication provider so that they can connect you with them. Nevertheless, they are more ways to lodge complaints too.

Openreach Chat Complaints

As soon as you trace any problem related to your bill, service, and query about the engineer’s visit or up-gradation of fibre then the easiest option to communicate is via chat. You can choose to chat with Openreach by clicking on the icon on its page’s bottom right-hand side. The network provider’s virtual assistant Eive will question you regarding your problem as soon as you click on the chat option. Afterward, you will be provided with a form within the chatbox in which will have to fill up your complaint. Once you submit the form you will be responded by the firm to the earliest.

Call Openreach

If there are problems related to damage in the underground cables, lose or dangling cables, damaged green cabinets, damaged telephone poles, missing manhole covers, personal injury due to the wiring then in such scenarios you can directly call the firm apart from expressing your grievance in the chat. Call at 0800 023 2023 to lodge your complaint. You can expect a sooner response after you have dialled the number.

Questions About Fibre Broadband

Openreach has answered the most commonly asked question in this section of its complaint policy. If you click on the “Questions about fibre broadband” option then you will trace most of the questions asked by the other users that might be your question too. They have briefly explained the questions related to fibre broadband. These questions are so well answered that you can also fix a problem related to the fibre of your broadband.

Crimes and Scams

Openreach also has provisions to deal with crimes and scams.  If any suspicious activities are happening with your cable then contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Try to give in as much information as possible. If you get a suspicious call or mail in the disguise of Openreach asking for your bank details then refrain from providing so. Immediate report it to Fraud Action, which is UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime.


Thus, Openreach has a great network for lodging complaints. It gracefully takes in all the complaints so that it can serve you better. Always keep in mind that if you have a complaint, contact with your communication provider first rather than the network provider which is Openreach.
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4 thoughts on “Openreach Complaints”

  1. I was supposed to get a visit from an Openreach engineer to my flat on 10th June 2021 between 8 and 1pm, I got a text in the morning saying Stewart will come but no one came. Then I got a call on 14th June from a Ronnie providing me a reference number for the visit he was supposed to do on 15th June between 1 and 6pm: 54F9F5BFR. Today, the 15th of June no one shows up from Openreach and I call my provider Talk Talk and they contact Openreach who says there is no appointment in their system to see me until the 22nd of June. What is going on? Why this poor service? Why are you lying to people.

  2. Good afternoon
    one of your vans was parked on our drive this afternoon I got part of the reg no. FL 71 last letter V when we asked him to move the vehicle which is obviously heavy he was very rude to us & told us not to be disrespectful with all due respect he is the one that is rude for parking on our drive which clearly shows a no parking sigh & a sign saying it is our drive & has a cctv sign on it we have this on cctv should you wish to see it. This drive was built for cars not very heavy vehicles. We await your reply
    Carole Curtis

  3. Trying to make a complaint about a cable that is supposed to be underground but instead is looped around my garden fence.

  4. Complaint

    Open Telecom ground-based junction box
    Located on the public path at the rear entrance to 14 Sycamore Road, Huntington, Cannock, Staffordshire

    The photographs below show the specific location of the open junction box partially blocking the rear entrance to 14, Sycamore Way on the verge of the public footpath.

    In April 2023 the concrete lid of the junction box collapsed when a child was playing on it, fortunately, although the child fell several inches into the junction box he did not suffer any significant injuries.

    Telephone calls by the concerned resident of 14 Sycamore Way, Mr David Chapman to South Staffordshire Council, the Police and British Telecom eventually resulted in an Open Reach van placing an inadequate barrier, as shown in the photograph, being placed over the junction box hole.

    On the 18th. July 2023 the temporary inadequate barrier remains partially covering the hole and is continuing, after three months, to still cause safety issues as follows.

    a.) The red square barrier is not secure and topples over when there is a wind.
    b.) Mr and Mrs. Chapman must move the barrier to gain adequate access to their garage area at the rear of their property.
    c.) After three months since the lid collapsed there is no sign of the box having an appropriate lid fitted
    d.) The open Telecom box remains a danger to everyone using Sycamore Way footpath, particularly when the protective barrier is lying on the floor

    I urge Open Reach to give his problem urgent attention and carry out the necessary repairs to the junction box as soon as possible.

    Cllr Jeff. Ashley
    South Staffs. Council
    8th. Nov. 2023


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