Noise Complaints

Now-a-days climate issues are the hot topics as enough scientific evidence is now available to support the assertion that human activity is causing grave harm to the environment. Because of the urgency of the issue, governments all over the globe are now forced to take corrective and preventive measures.

Among these varied climate issues, noise is an important one due to its detrimental effects on human health. The UK government has empowered city councils to check this noise pollution. These city councils if finds that someone is causing a statutory noise nuisance, then they issue ‘a noise abatement order’ that tells the person the directions to stop the noise. If the person is found violating the abatement order then he/she can be fined up to 5000 pounds (for home-owners) and up to 20,000 pounds (for factory-owners). Besides controlling noise, the councils are also empowered to decide other dispute that may arise in the neighborhoods.

Noise Complaints

Almost every city council is maintaining an elaborate website which is helping the Brits to avail their services. Besides, the customer support teams of these councils are eager to sort out things for their citizens via the website. If you are up to registering a complaint about noise or simply want to get some information about their services, then you have to visit website of your city’s council. Generally, all of them have call, live chat, and postal means for registering complaints about noise and for availing of the other services.

How to Lodge a Complaint to Your City Council

If you want to register a complaint to your city council then the best way to do it is to visit the council’s official website. Once you visit its website, locate ‘contact’ tab at its homepage. Click this contact tab and you will be redirected to another webpage where you will find relevant phone number of the respective noise response team. Now, simply pick up your phone and dial the given number for registering your complaint. Besides phone number, almost every council has other means of receiving complaints.

You will find email and postal addresses of every city’s council. Therefore you can either send them a complaint email or can write them a complaint letter. You will find their respective email addresses as well as postal addresses on these councils’ specific web pages. They will respond you instantly on phone and email but the postal means require some time. Generally, all of the councils have a week’s time to identify that whether the involved person or factory is causing a statutory noise nuisance or not. If they do then they will receive the abatement order. If they comply with the order then the noise will be reduced otherwise they have to face the consequences in the form of hefty fines.

Finally, you can also lodge a complaint by physically visiting your council’s office. This is the best way to reduce the noise in the neighborhood as they act comparatively faster if you lodge complaint in the office.

In Conclusion

Like any responsible government, the UK government strives for fulfilling all of its legal responsibilities towards its citizens. And for realizing its responsibilities, these city councils are indispensable. Any of the UK citizens can freely contact with their respective council via using the official website for controlling the noise pollution.

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