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The Twenty-first century is the century of innovation. In this century, almost every aspect of human life underwent innovation. Likewise other aspects of human life, our foods and eating habits also changed. Since the start of third millennium, fast food has become a norm. But fast food often leads to serious health issues and therefore this fast food must be changed with a healthy diet. Thanks to healthy diet companies like Milk and More that now we can eat healthy and live sustainably.

Milk and More is a UK-based food company that helps small suppliers to distribute their healthy food items to almost every part of the UK. The company has partnered with small suppliers of the UK and provides their healthy products to all UK citizens. The company sells milk and related dairy products like cheese, yogurt, cream, butter and spreads, and flavored milk, etc, organic food stuff, fruits and vegetables, bakery, drinks, pantry, and much more. You can order online for any food and get it delivered at your doorstep through Milk and More website and mobile app.

Milk and More Complaints

In addition to its delicious and healthy food items, you can also get in touch with the supportive and professional customer support team of the healthy food brand through its website and mobile app. If you have any query or want to file a complaint then you can readily do it via any of the following means.

  • Via Phone
  • Via Contact Form
  • Via Mobile App
  • Via FAQs
  • Via our services (link at the bottom)

How to Lodge a Complaint to Milk and More

You can complain via any of the above means but filing the complaint via phone is easy and effective. For lodging, a complaint via phone, visit their website, and click ‘contact us’ tab present at the bottom of the homepage. After clicking, you will be redirected to another webpage where you will find their phone number i.e., 0345 606 3606.

For registering a complaint via phone, dial the given phone number. The lines are open from 08:00 am to 04:30 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm on Sundays and other bank holidays. in addition to phone, you can also connect to the customer services team via any of the following methods.

Via Contact Form

In case, you don’t want to submit your complaint by phone then you can alternatively lodge your complain via the Contact Form available on their website. You will find the contact form on the contact page. For initiating a complaint process via contact form, fill in the form with relevant details and then submit it. And soon they will contact you via your given contact information.

Via Mobile App

Milk and More also has a mobile application which you can download from both Google and Apple play stores. Download the app and login to your Milk and More account and get instantly connected with the customer support team of the healthy food brand.

Via FAQs

Though FAQs is not meant for registering a complaint but you can clarify many of your general queries by using this facility. The website has a comprehensive FAQs section. By reading this FAQs section, almost all of your general queries will be resolved. Generally, it is recommended to read out this FAQs section before initiating any complaint process.

For accessing its FAQs section, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘FAQs’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will find their detailed FAQs.

Key Takeaway

Milk and More is one of the popular food brands in the UK and it has provided multiple communication channels to its customers via its website and mobile app. For more information please visit the following link

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6 thoughts on “Milk and More Complaints”

  1. Today.1.12.21. I found my milk on next doors path.I also received still water instead of sparkling. This company seems to have gone to pieces since everything has to be conducted on line.

  2. Been trying to change my milk order for Christmas and New Year. Time was regular deliveries were just ‘doubled up’ on the previous nearest delivery date (unless cancelled, obviously) Now it has to be done on line it would help if you were actually able to do it that way – rereading a message saying its failed, try again gets very boring very quickly – please sort yourselves out!

  3. My mother ( aged 95 and a double amputee) has been having milk delivered for over 20 years. Recently her milk was being left outside the main door of her apartment block and not delivered to her front door as normal. I ensured that M&M had the information needed to access the building and was assured all would be well. The milk remained outside. When I rang for the third time I was told that milkmen are not allowed to go into apartment blocks designated as sheltered housing. I don’t know if this is correct or when it changed but nobody notified us. My mother is in an apartment block for the over 60s. It is not sheltered as such. The apartments are individually owned. However this company is not concerned about its elderly, disabled customers who cannot retrieve their milk form the front of the building – where it would in any case pose a health and safety hazard as there is no designated place for it. This company is uncaring and has gone downhill in recent years and definitely since it has gone all online ( again to the detriment of elderly and disabled people who may not have an advocate to deal with things for them). They hide behind their online presence. If anyone has the contact details for the Chief Executive who appears to be Jon Jenkins then please let me know as he needs to know what is going on in this company.

  4. I’m disgusted with milk & more made a new order changed my address and they sent first order to old address their mistake and lve had to pay for it. Lady l spoke to on phone had no understanding just said her supervisor said l have to pay

  5. Their call centre is based in South Africa
    They were recruiting for a delivery driver, and were asking for “Place of Birth” and “Date of Birth” pre-interview, during the application as a candidate.

    Suffice to say, I was a bit shocked to discover this.

  6. I have just had to dispose of two pints of milk that,although still in date, had started to go off. I don’t like my tea to have greasy white flecks floating on the top. This isn’t the first time that I have had to throw out milk. It just doesn’t seem to be so fresh anymore.


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