Matalan Complaints

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Head OfficeMatalan Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Knowsley, Liverpool L33 7SZ, UK

Matalan was established in 1985 with the aim of providing outstanding quality and value for modern families. It is headquartered in Knowsley with around 230 stores in the UK. Besides, UK the company has also business operations in other European as well as Non-European countries and hence it is now a multinational retail company.

Matalan retail has become one of the favorite business destinations of modern UK families because of Matalan’s locations, late night openings, convenient parking, and ‘everything under one roof’ offering.

The retail business offers a wide range of products like men, women, and kids’ apparel items, homeware, and much more. The retail business also offers huge discounts and is an affordable shopping destination for students because of its students’ discount scheme.

Matalan Complaints

Besides its quality and economical products, the retailer has also a helpful and supportive customer support team for the guidance of its customers. You can reach out to the team via its official website so, if you have any query or want to file a complaint against any of the stores’ staff or any other related issue then you can do it through its website. In addition, the customer team will tell you about new arrivals, hot picks, and promo offers. You can connect with its customer support team via any of the following means.

  • Via Email
  • Via Post
  • Via Social Media Platforms
  • Via Mobile App
  • Via iComplaints services (Link at the end of the article)

How to Lodge a Complaint to Matalan

You can complain via any of the above means but filing the complaint via email is easy as it is an instant means of lodging your complaint. For lodging, a complaint via email, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘here to help’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage where you can find their email address. For your convenience, the email address is

Now, type a detailed complaint email and send them on the above email address. As soon as they receive your email, a member of the support team will get back to you for resolution of your query. Besides reaching them out via email, you can also register your complaint via any of the following methods.

Via Post

You can also connect with the team by writing them a complaint letter. Their postal address is available on the customer services page. For your convenience, their postal address is following.

Customer Services, Matalan, Perimeter Road,

Knowsley Industrial Park, LIVERPOOL, L33 7SZ

Via Social Media Platforms

You can also get in touch with the retailer’s support team via their official social media accounts. The team will sort out your general enquiries via these social media platforms. Besides, you will also be updated regarding recently added products.

Via Mobile App

In case, you don’t want to register your complaint on the website then alternatively you can do it via their app. Matalan has an interactive app which you can download from both apple and Google play store. After downloading the app, login to it and locate the ‘contact’ functionality. Click the ‘contact’ functionality and now you are ready to register your complaint.

Besides, you can clarify much of your concerns via the elaborate FAQ section. The FAQ section is present both at the homepage and as well as customer services page. In FAQ section, every subject related to Matalan is comprehensively explained.

To Wrap it Up

Matalan is one of the vibrant and expanding apparel and related merchandise retailer of the UK and it has also ensured multiple communication channels for its consumers for reaching out the professional customer support team of the retailer.

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  1. hi . my wife came in to matalan riverside , norwich . on the 6.12 .2021 , AM and could not unlock the disabled toilet . with a disabled key . my wife have a toilet access card . she found an assistant . she was doing jewellery . she found a matalan assistant who my wife told she need a toilet , my wife tryed to show her the card , she was not interested in the card her attitude was appalling and rude , it`s embarrasssing for my wife have to ask and show the card and through her actions . my wife had an accident and had to drive home very upset . this would not had happened , if the assisant had been more helpful . your sincerely mr . t. buck


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