Marks and Spencer Complaints

The massive British multinational retailer Mark and Spencer’s is a hub for producing classy and good quality items related to food, clothing, and home products. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in London, the company has a huge influence over its users in the UK. Working through the years, it now has a total of 959 stores across the country. Among these, 615 stores sell only food-related products including it also has its food and clothing online delivery line. The main motive of Mark and Spencer’s is to serve everything under one roof. It is usually very true to its brand.


Mark and Spencer Complaints


Found in 1884 by Michael Mark and Thomas Spencer the company tries its best to serve the best to its customer. But in case if you have any grievances about utilizing its products then you are welcome to express it by complaining. Mark and Spencer’s have multiple ways to lodge complaints. It pledges to understand the grievances of its customers so that it can serve better the next time! So here are how you can easily complain to the company;

Complaining Through Online

This is one of the most user-friendly ways to complain or give feedback about their service. If you have any complaints regarding your current account, everyday savings account, and credit card, then you can use this medium. Customers who already have an account in Mark and Spencer can easily avail of this facility. Log in to your account and then go to the “Internet Banking” option and then click on the “My Messages” facility. From here you can write down your query or complaint.

Complaining by Visiting the Branch

This is probably the only way by which you can full-fledged ask out all your queries or even properly complain. Visit the nearest Mark and Spencer store and speak to the assigned members of their team. This will help them to completely understand your grievance so that they will be able to work on it.

Complaining by Call

You can also call at Mark and Spencer on 0345 900 0900 and complain. If they do not pick up your call then wait for 10 minutes and then call again. However, they will be calling you back within that period. I

Write Your Complaint to The Company

To complain to the company, you can write a formal letter to them. Their postal address is M&S Bank, PO Box 10565,51 Saffron Road, Wigston, LE18 9FT. While writing the complaint letter, feed in your name, address, postcode, and your mobile number.  They are supposed to reach out to you to the earliest once they receive your letter.

Complain Procedure for Special Customers

The company has a very thoughtful gesture for the people who are deaf or speech impaired. For them to complain, M&S has availed such people to use its British Sign Language video relay service that is available from 8 am – 6 pm. They can also text their complaint on 0345 300 1815. It is available from 7 am – 8 pm.

To Conclude

The complaint procedure for M&S is very efficient. Although they are supposed to respond to the earliest but in some cases, they do take 5 – 15 days to respond.

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  1. The lastest tv adverts are appalling ie the farmed salmon.The actors are dreadful & the message to your customers are implausible.I am a new on line customer & this advert puts me off doing any business with yourselves.I am very surprised Marks & Spencer has stooped so low & proberly spent a lot of money on these advertisements.Disappointed John Lewis


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