LNER Complaints

London North Eastern Railway or LNER is a British train operating company. It works on the Intercity East Coast franchise and offers long-distance intercity services. They offer the best quality and hassle-free experience for all their customers. 

LNER Complaints

You can easily book tickets, get travel updates and even book exciting packages. But at times, you might experience inconvenience and disturbances. In such situations, you can easily complain to them in simple steps. Read ahead to know more about the LNER complaint policy.

LNER Complaint Policy

LNER customer care service is always available for their clients to help them resolve any issue. When you have a problem, the best thing to do is call the staff. All the LNER staff are trained and skilled to help you with any issue. 

If required, they immediately include the manager or higher management to get a better outcome. In case your complaint is not issued on the spot, they will pass it on to the customer services team. They will guide you to place an official complaint directly to the customer service team.

LNER Customer Service Team

You can get in contact with the customer services team by:

Methods Details
Phone 03457 225333
Email customers@LNER.co.uk
Chatbot Open the website to chat with the bot
Headquarters Location LNER, Freepost RTUH-TUGH-GCLZ, Cramlington, NE23 1WG
  1. Email: 

Write to customers@LNER.co.uk

  1. Post: 

You can send a letter to: LNER, Freepost RTUH-TUGH-GCLZ, Cramlington, NE23 1WG.

  1. Telephone: 

Call their main customer services number: 03457 225333. Their opening times are from Monday to Sunday, 08:00–22:00 (Closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day)

If you call the customer services team outside the opening times, an automated message will inform you about the opening times and confirm the department is closed.

When you call the LNER customer service team, ensure you give all the details. It must include your full name and contact details and mention the station’s name, time, and date of the train service on which your complaint is based. 

You must also let them know about the incident or the issue in a detailed manner and include the train tickets in the complaint. If the issue is related to LNER suppliers, they will handle it themselves as soon as possible. 

If the complaint is about another train company, they will guide you to the right person.

How To Get In Touch With LNER?

The easiest and the most effective way to get in touch with LNER is through their website, LNER.co.uk. You can fill out the entire online form to tell them about any grievance or give feedback. You can go through FAQs for instant answers and quick access. 

They also have a chatbot on their website. LNER also offers social media services. You can reach out to them on Twitter or Facebook and simply tag them to get their attention.

You can hold “Meet the Manager” sessions on their route, both on their trains and at all stations. Local senior managers and directors attend these sessions. It is the best opportunity to air your views, give them your suggestions and opinions. 

You can also share your journey and feedback and get all your questions answered. Even if they don’t provide any answer there, they will note your contact details and revert soon.

LNER understands that some customers need specific access requirements and different language requirements and aids in communicating with people. LNER understands the needs and addresses these customers with sensitivity and care.

They make provisions for visually or hearing impaired customers through Text Relay services and offer large print and fonts. LNER also allows guardians, carers, or support workers to complain on their behalf.

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