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One of the world’s favorite fast foods is definitely the Kentucky Fried Chicken commonly known as KFC. Being one of the top-rated fast foods in the world comes with the added pressure of its own. People’s expectations are high and sometimes, the chicken might not be up to the mark that has been set by the fans KFC complaints are from around the world. In such cases, customers will definitely want to lodge complaints about whatever is bothering them about the food.

kfc complaints

Be it poor service, low quality of food, missing items from a delivery order and more. The problems can be many but customers must have a way to get in touch with the brand and provide them with honest feedback.

KFC is well updated with technology and there are various ways in which an unhappy diner can reach customer service executives to give feedback. KFC complaints can be lodged using any of the methods mentioned below.


Via KFC Customer Contact Form

KFC complaints can be lodged using their Customer Complaints Form that allows diners to give authentic feedback and communicate any issues that they might have had with the food at any KFC restaurant in the UK.


Via KFC Phone

You can get directly in touch with a customer care executive from KFC by calling   0345 753 2532.


Via the KFC Website

KFC UK has a whole section dedicated to customer service on their website. If you are seeking some kind of assistance or are looking to lodge a complaint regarding any of your orders at any restaurant in KFC UK then you can visit the customer service section of the KFC UK website and lodge a complaint.


Via Social Media

KFC has a pretty technologically advanced customer service facility. This allows unhappy customers to lodge their complaints through the social media handles of KFC UK. KFC complaints can be messaged to the page directly on Facebook and Twitter. If you are worried about your message getting lost in the huge number of messages that the KFC UK page may be receiving on a daily basis then you can lodge a public KFC complaint by stating your issue in a tweet on Twitter and as a post on Facebook and tagging the official handles of KFC UK. You are bound to catch the attention of KFC officials and your issue has a better chance of getting resolved.


To Conclude

KFC is one of the most popular chains of fast-food restaurants in the world. So, it is sad to have lodge complaints for poor quality of food but the active customer service executives who are willing to solve issues is a great point in favour of KFC UK. KFC complaints can be lodged through various methods including the easy one of sending a message on Facebook or Twitter. If you tag them in your posts then also KFC UK takes note and tries their best to resolve the issue at hand. This owes to the popularity of KFC in the UK.

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9 thoughts on “KFC Complaints”

  1. Sir you recent series of adverts are at best racist and certainly offensive! You seem to have come to the conclusion that positive discrimination is acceptable, its not it is still discrimination under the laws of the UK. You seem to think that the promotion of the Globalist agenda regarding BLM is your way of virtue signalling to the UK and the world , its not because you fail to identify the real Globalist agenda that is using BLM to create disunity disharmony and conflict to the end of reducing the birth rate and global population. You Sir are a fraud

  2. KFC at Forest Town, Mansfield is a disgrace. The staff are incapable of delivering anything like customer service. Today, is not the first time I have been disappointed there. Who trains the staff because they are unable to take orders first time. Unable to provide food on those orders without excessive delays, offer no explanation when challenged as to why the delay occurred. Fail to have the “Krushem” machine fixed for months. Staff just standing looking at screens without doing anything. Useless.

  3. hey £33 out of pocket because your menu system dont work sorry what i mean is whats the point because your be lucky to get what you order does your team take pride in there work or is it a online reading problem oh sorry you got my money no one will look or do anything about this you put this page up because you have too
    live and learn McDonalds here i come

  4. Your KFC in Middleton Kemp Street Manchester is shocking dirty tables dirty floor no coffee no salt no napkins got our order wrong no apologies sullen rude staff won’t be going again in contrast to your store on Huddersfield road which is the complete opposite lovely staff and spotless really disappointed with Kemp Street the staff need a good shake up

  5. Guildford KFC is always packed with deliveroo, you don’t even acknowledge walk in staff, so I don’t bother with KFC any more, besides, it’s just for fat and lazy People.
    Your one near near BARNSTAPLE is SHOCKING. The staff are run by a horrible eastern European dweeb, who will not change items, which is exactly what every other KFC will do.,not this one, as the nasty manager knows next one is 50 miles away, and most fatties will tolerate nasty rudeness, in an empty restaurant,NOT ME. HE CAN FORNICATE HiS OWN POSTERIOR!

  6. We bought KFC yesterday 13/11/2021 from Wembley delivered by Deliveroo’s. To our disappointments the food wasn’t fit to be eaten by an animal talk less of human being. I need a refund £26.80 number #910 and also the security tag on the brown bag was removed. The chicken was dried, cold and old it has been refried over and over again, the chips was cold and oily. Bag was opened it wasn’t properly labelled as the seal was removed. Who is supervising these people working at KFC? They are selling poison. This is the reason why I don’t eat take away. I only ate this because it was my husband’s birthday. KFC has gone down the drain. I will not recommend it. Please refund my money from this poison you are feeding people.

  7. KFC Wembley High Road. Dreadfull service and a shortfall in the order placed as an item was not within the order received, delivered although paid for it. That must be how KFC rounds up benefits over the loss of customers, if I take it from the comments I have read so far. Appauling, to see so little respect towards paying customers and with no way to even getting the money wasted back into your wallet. Forget about a word of apologies from KFC either. That’s not the way to conduct a business. Shame on you Sir!!!!

  8. 12/09/2023
    I’d like KFC to know that it’s television advert KFC X The DSC ‘First Bite’ 2022 is very misleading. I have never eaten any KFC chicken or chips that have a crunch, yet your advert listed above demonstrates this almighty crunch when the actors bite in to the chicken. That has never happened to me, therefore, I think you should NOT make claims that is not true. Your customers are the captive audience, as a result, you are taking advantage by falsehood.
    I like crunchy chicken and chips. But all I get at every one of KFC’s restaurants are soft soggy chicken and chips.
    Please match your TV advert with your restaurant products.


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