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The coronavirus pandemic has moved the world indoors. Meals from your favourite restaurant can now only be had from takeaway boxes. Food delivery businesses are hitting their peak as a huge number of patrons are still sceptical about venturing out to grab a meal. With the number of orders going higher and higher, there are bound to be some issues with delivery. But what is important is that the issues are resolved quickly and satisfactorily for the customers. This is what Just Eat aims at – fast food delivery with fast problem resolution.

If you run into any problems at any stage of placing your order with Just Eat or after receiving the order then you can get help from them through various ways.

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Just Eat complaints can be lodged through these various ways:

Through A Phone Call

You can call on 03455610156 to resolve any issues that you might be facing while using Just Eat for food delivery. You can talk directly to the customer service executives to lodge your Just Eat complaints. You can call during working hours which are Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday. If the lines are not busy your issue will be resolved very quickly but if you find yourself put on hold waiting for a customer executive to get free then you can try other methods.

Through the Live Chat Option

The live chat option is a hit with customers because it allows for conflict resolution with minimum interaction. All you have to do is start a live chat with a customer service executive and state your problem. You have to then wait for the customer service executive to get back to you with the resolution of the problem. Whatever is done to resolve the Just Eat complaint you are having trouble with is communicated to you through this live chat box and at the end, you have to notify them if you are happy with the way the issue was solved.

Through Email

You can mail your query at shop@just-eat.co.uk to lodge your Just Eat complaints. You will receive a reply within a few working days.

Through Social Media

Just Eat UK has a pretty active social media page where you can lodge your Just Eat complaints. All you have to do is put a post and tag the official handle of Just Eat UK and a customer service executive must reach you soon to resolve your Just Eat complaint.

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20 thoughts on “Just Eat Complaints”

  1. Dear Sir/Madame

    I have ordered food, order number 1216784215. On Friday 26.03.21.

    It has been on its way for over an hour and the restaurant say it has been dispatched.

    I want a full refund for the order I have not received.

    This is a complete rip off and needs to be investigated.

    Please confirm receipt of this email and refund.

  2. i live in manchester and someone on staff or whatever has run up over £390 on fraudulent orders on my bank account. i will never use your website again and tell others not to


    I have ordered food, order number 1252240285. On Thursday 29.04.21.

    It has been on its way for over an hour and the restaurant say it has been dispatched and returned back to the restaurant and they couldn’t deliver (yet no one called)

    Spoke to Just East Complaints and they said an investigation Team would look into it which will take up to 48 hours.

    So, i’m out of pocket, not food delivered and unhelpful customer service. I want a full refund for the order I have not received.

    This is a complete rip off and absolute joke

    Please confirm receipt of this email and refund.

  4. I ordered meals from Macdonalds Airdrie costing £28.32, after 1 hour and 50 minutes a delivery was made consisting of 2 plain burgers and a small coke, The delivery driver insisted I take the delivery and make a complaint to just eat, I did and was advised that £20 pounds would be credited!! I am shocked at the apparent lack of understanding that as a family we did not get our meal. What I want to know, is where is my family’s meal?

  5. can someone look in to as to why mine and my daughters cards r declined only on your site for weeks neither of us have been able to order food are cards work fine on all other sites spoke to both our banks and visa checkout and say its not them declining our cards its your site please advise as to what is going on please

  6. i ordered from just eat 3 weeks ago wrong item delvered ordered today 2 items missing they said go collect missing items why would i order a takeaway if i was going to do that worst company ever have nothing to do with them

  7. We ordered a Mcdonald’s takeaway today 04/06/2021 – order number 1292776729
    The order has said it is on its way for over an hour and the time keeps changing.
    I have contact the Mcdonald’s and the Shift Manager Cameron was very unhelpful saying it was nothing to do with them and that I had to contact Just Eat. I would like a full refund for this order asap.
    By contrast I also ordered Wagamama’s from Deliveroo for the adults in our group and they were great and bang on time.

  8. Great way to lose weight…. Order from Just Eat you are guaranteed not to receive it or get a response from head office..

    order placed on 15th may said it was delivered NOT TRUE.
    want my money back from Burger King .

  9. Ordered from Quay Spice in Poole
    From order to out for delivery in 20 minutes, never a good sign as the food obviously wasn’t freshly prepared. I’ve been ordering from here for a few weeks now and the food has always been lovely, until tonight. I ordered a chicken tikka naga, what was delivered was something with a load of red chilli powder thrown in instead. The chicken tikka jalfrezi was the same, full of red chilli powder. I don’t know if it’s lazy chefs, or whether they think customers are too stupid to know the difference. Whatever, I’m far from happy with this meal. This only happens with curry places, it never happens when I order a Chinese. Maybe I should stick to ordering Chinese, instead of being mugged off by curry places. Talk about short-sighted, you’d think they’d want your repeat business instead of sending out rubbish you didn’t order. Maybe that’s just it, they really couldn’t care less because there are plenty of other people to take advantage of. So glad I paid by paypal 😉

  10. I have ordered from Tennessee piri piri and still waiting 2 Hrs later, went to the shop to enquire where the order is only to be told that it was cancelled order No;1305409753, now when I call just eat to request a refund only to be told that I will only get 50% of my money back are you joking do you think customers are willing to give away their their money when the order has not been delivered, ordered @ 17.50pm and still not received now 20.00pm, your customer service is shockingly poor it seems that you just want to grab and con customers out of their hard earned cash. I would like a full refund.

  11. i have paid for a meal from kfc devonshire road blackpool they said the order had been dilivered but it hasnt it cost me £17 and i cant get through to you or kfc i am fuming no tea or
    money back you need to sort this i have have meals delivered many times before had no problems starving sort it

  12. I ordered 26/06/2021. Nothing Arrived. I called and they said they would cancel the order, issue a refund and £5 credit on the account.

    It’s 216/07/2021 – Nothing has been done. i had three mesages sent from my Paypal, emailed 4 times and the complaints number goes through to packing department.

    Worst service ever. I am definately going public with this matter!

  13. Fake reviews. When you make a complaint , nothing happens. You post a bad review on the restaurant and it gets deleted. What kind of service is this?

  14. I placed an order to the office today order number 1356364314 McDonalds Liverpool

    order says delivered , no one has been near , the security have checked the cameras no deliveries at all at the time stated .
    This is the 2nd time , this never happens with Deliveroo
    Please refund full order I am not happy to be ripped off !

  15. We have received our food, order and food ordered below.

    The food arrived cold, and most importantly the Zinger Burgers inside the Triology box meals were raw! Pink and Jelly like!

    We have called KFC Friars Walk, and they have told us to contact you for a full refund.

    Please get back to me about this matter as soon as possible, very disappointed with the service, and unable to eat the meal we ordered. I want a full refund!

  16. An absolute disgrace. This service is terrible. Ordered food on saturday from mcdonalds through just eat. Waited over an hour and a half and the food was cancelled no explanation at all. ordered through another restaurant and waited over 2 hours. No food arrived. Emailed just eat as could not get through on any telephone numbers. They emailed back to say I could not get a refund as I have had problems before. Exactly lots of problems before this is not my fault but theirs and now I have lost £30.00. How are they being allowed to get away with this.

  17. This is the second time just eat have failed to deliver my food and no compensation whatsoever.
    They are terrible they starved me the whole of yesterday when I ordered breakfast which was never delivered.
    What is actually wrong with just eat?
    Why treat your customers like this?
    Nobody even gets back to you to explain their actions.
    I am really disappointed!
    Please refund my money 11:85 pounds if you cannot deliver my food.

  18. The restaurant i ordered from is shut, but not indicated on justeat. They took my money then declined the order and promised a refund. Still waiting and no way to chase up the refund. No way to order anything else while they are sat on my funds. Boring saturday with toast awaits

  19. I too have had issues Order Number: 129946087

    They told me they are unable to provide me with any kind of refund Edward Hingpit (JUST EAT UK) and TutuW/ Elizabeth M.

    A Complaint about the food been hard and overcooked – Not even a gesture of good wil bound by policies I’m told.


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