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Head OfficeCustomer Relations Department, John Lewis & Partners, PO Box 3586, Glasgow G73 9DW

Providing good customer service is one of the best ways to ensure that you have customers revisiting your business. John Lewis & Partners, one of the premier departments stores in the UK are known for just that. From consumer goods to clothes, these stores have it all along with a well-stocked online store through which you can order any of their products from the comfort of your home. The best part is you do not have to worry yourself if you have any issues with their products. There are multiple ways you can get assistance if you have trouble with any of their products.

John Lewis Complaints

Complaints with John Lewis Can Be Lodged through Any of These Media

Via their customer service page

You can visit their customer service page. Here, you will find various options about the kind of issue you are facing. You can click on the type of issue you are facing and you will be provided with assistance to sort out that issue. Your complaints John Lewis can range from exchange and returns to delivery problems. But assistance for all such problems can be found on this portal which makes things easier for customers.

Via Email

The top officials of John Lewis & Partners are very accessible to all their customers. Their email addresses and other contact options are easily available in the public domain so customers can reach out with their complaints whenever required. You can write to Andy Street, the Managing Director of the venture for assistance with issues you might be facing while shopping with John Lewis & Partners. The Head of Customer Services is also easily available to be contacted in case any customer is unhappy with how an issue was resolved.

Via Their Customer Service Number

You can also directly communicate your John Lewis complaints by calling their customer service number which is 03456049049. You must check the timings when this service is operational before you make the call.

Via Social Media

Businesses have been updating their technology to keep up with the changing times and now, customers can even tweet your complaints John Lewis to the official page of the business if they require some kind of assistance. Direct messaging the page can be ineffective as your message might get lost among the huge number of messages they get daily. So, it is better to tweet your query or issue to them and make sure to tag the official handle of the business you are facing trouble with.

To Conclude

For a business to succeed, customer service is a very essential feature that must be taken care of and be top notch.  John Lewis & Partners have always been well-known for their great customer service. There are various ways you can lodge your John Lewis complaints and get help whenever required irrespective of whether you are shopping through their website or from their stores. This is what makes John Lewis & Partners one of the most preferred businesses in the UK for essentials and luxuries both.

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  1. I returned a Ninja Air Fryer because it was leaking water from the drum. A supervisor insisted there was nothing wrong with it and did not want to listen to me explaining why I thought it was defective. She was right and I was wrong as far as she was concerned. She was very unhelpful and she walked away and left the counter staff member to deal with it. He was patient, polite and helpful in contacting Ninja and I spoke to them at the counter. They listened to my complaint and confirmed the air fryer drum was faulty. They are sending me a new drum as it’s well within guarantee. Ninja customer service is excellent. They listened. Peter Jones supervisor could learn a thing or two from them.

  2. In your Cheadle store yesterday the young girl who served me held the scanner high and it shone into my eyes and caused like…. I can only describe as an instant toothache feeling in my eyes. It took about an hour for it to go away completely.
    I mentioned it straight away and she said something like …yes these things can cause havoc ! She apologised and I’m not blaming her, it obviously wasn’t in her training.
    I did get her name.
    I am making you aware to protect other people and myself.
    I will most certainly be going to get my eyes checked next week and I am worried about damage and why your scanner caused me so much discomfort.


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