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ITV is a UK based company that operates in London and is a local network. The commercial network of the company has given the residents of the UK several great TV shows. The company was founded in the year 1955 and has created a special place in the hearts of the English since then. The network has given some serious challenges to contemporary commercial network companies and has secured a place for itself in the UK entertainment industry.

itv complaints

The company has an active customer service system and you can reach them easily. The officials are helpful and are extremely well-trained. They will give you an idea of how long it may take them to solve your issue. You will also keep receiving constant updates from them. The methods in which you can contact them are listed below:

ITV Customer Service Contact Number

ITV has a customer service contact number that you can dial to lodge complaints against the company.  The number is 03448814150. You can call them within the stipulated time mentioned on the website and discuss your issues. They will ask you several questions regarding the problem you are facing. After they have sufficient information, the executives will tell you when you should expect your issues to be resolved. However, if you do not find their service satisfactory, you can call them again or send an email to them.

ITV Customer Service Email

The company has a valid email address, where you can send an email to lodge complaints. The email id is This active email address has helped many people who have faced problems with the network. In case you are unable to reach the company by phone, you can send an email. Mention your name and all the relevant information in the body of the mail and then send it to the above-mentioned email address. Though receiving a reply through email takes some time, it is a way to make sure your complaint is heard.

Tweet About It

Tweeting to the company is an excellent way to reach them. The company has a very active Twitter account and they reply to all the tweets quickly. If you do not receive a reply quickly, you can always post again. Do not forget to mention them in your tweets.

Online Forums

There are online forums where customers discuss their problems. You can post on these forums and most like someone else will reply to your post and tell you about a solution. Here, no one from the company is involved, the customers help others solve problems that they have faced before.


ITV is one of the best companies in the industry and you can trust them to solve your problems as quickly as possible. Once you have filed your complaint, give the company some time and wait for a reply. If one method of complaint fails to solve your problem, try out the others.

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25 thoughts on “ITV Complaints”

  1. Hi, I don’t like to say this but can hold back no longer.
    This Morning has been cringingly hosted by Alison Hammond and nervous wreck
    Dermot O Leary.
    It was disgusting watching Alison Hammond using all the cosmetics shown and knowing
    no one else could use them after her, ALSO stuffing them in her bra. Is she just after freebies?
    Dermot O Leary just twizzing round waving anything he can get hold of, he looks like a nervous wreck!
    Get someone good to take their places!

  2. what a load of rubbish.just show the people are just unreal.i thought people
    were innocent until proven guilty in this are building yourselves a rocky road to falling ratings and no viewers.

  3. I am very disappointed that you have taken off the last episode of Viewpoint – what is innocence until proved guilty. I feel there is a touch of racism in this act from both ITV and Bafta – I am white and have lived in both Africa and the West Indies and feel that the UK is one of the most racist countries in the world

  4. I think it’s ridiculous to cancel Viewpoint.. The guy should be given the benefit of the doubt, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty … it’s all hearsay at the moment.

  5. Viewpoint – it is completely wrong not to present the final conclusion night.
    We have invested 4 nights of our time so far and see this as punishment to viewers not showing the last night.
    Why punish an actor also until proven guilty. More important why punish us as customers. How con ITV be trusted with other programmes going forwards.
    ITV have completely blown it on this one.
    Will also complain to to relevant authorities on this one also
    A Bad evening for ITV – Sorry

  6. How hypercritical can you get taking off the last episode of Viewpoint and then telling everyone they can watch it on the Hub. Well done to all those who thought that was ok then.
    By the way not everyone can get the hub let along afford paying extra for a channel they don’t really want anyway.
    ITV have sunk to the bottom in my estimation of dealing with such important things. Take it off one channel but leave it on another one.

  7. Having watched four episodes of Line of Duty to have the final episode withdrawn but still left available on paid for hub is disgraceful.

  8. REally annoyed after a weekend celebrating my daughter’s birthday to find that we now can’t catch up on Viewpoint. Not even the last episode! Bad decision. Really really annoyed. never complained before but emailing you now. put it back on for a week so we can all finish watching it please.

  9. well, well, well. never thought I would see ITV turn into lefty box ticking numpties. Disgusted watching ITV this evening Alan Carrs strike it lucky. So predictable. Why does every programme have to tick, fill in and justify the woke agenda. Pathetic….. Bring back real, genuine tv and stop this pandering to the minorities.

  10. Here we go again. Another box ticking, line signing woke performance. ITV you are a
    disgrace. Will you for once produce programmes for everyone. Stop the predictability. Game of talents Saturday 22 May. Complete car crash. Sick of watching this trash you are producing. Massive fans of Alan Carr and Vernon Kay so why do you keep throwing them under the bus. It is so obvious by their faces and personas that they are as uncomfortable presenting as we are watching. How many more boxes do you need to tick to fulfil your criteria of BS.
    We are an inclusive together loving nation and we don’t need this wokery…….

  11. there are many thousannds of people in the UK with a hearing disability . Broadcasters recognise this and supply sub titles on live programmes. Some also provide sub titles on catch up services but not ITV Hub. Could I ask you on behalf of those viewers who need sub titles to impement a system on ITV Hub similar to that on BBC I Player and may other stations.

  12. Removing the last episode of the Viewpoint was disappointing and I am so annoyed, it gave no closure to the series, which I really enjoyed (something decent for once). Why have you removed the last episode, if it can be shown on the hub then surely it can be shown on the television. BRING IT BACK, that’s what I pay my license for

  13. What happened to season 4 of the masked singer us I’ve watched seasons 1-3 now season 5 has started i watch itv and itv2 regularly and not once did I see season 4 shown or mentioned it was going to shown on what’s going on (show season 4 please)

  14. Watching Italy v Swiss on t.v Commentator said this is a Swiss suporter not an emergancy postbox. Very crass.

  15. ITV are becoming as crap as the rest of the TV channels to many reality crap shows and now bloody football coverage starts a hour and half before the game. morons

  16. Why oh why do you think we want to know or celebrate Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday!!!!!.She isn’t loyal to us or our country so why on earth should we want to know anything about her, please please do not give her or her husband any more news time, we just don’t want to know!!!!!

  17. Am still awaiting ITV’s reason why they employed someone in Euros who some years go stated Barcelona Team is nothing but a team of midgets ( Wembley, Man U v Barcelona ).

  18. Dear Sir . The morning TV . had an Italian cook ,you know who I am talking about who was obviously using cocaine,everyone who has seen it can recognise it, he should have been removed at the first advert ,but of course he wasnt because too many of the people in charge there
    had knowledge ?? I know you wont answer this but just to let you know that hundreds of thousands of people know what is going on .

  19. When is Emmerdale going to conclude this murderous story-line, it’s more like watching Midsummer Murders. Come on, it is beyond ridiculous and completely lacks credulity.

  20. What is going on with ITV? Are they now a mouthpiece for Labour now? They ignore Starmer/Gardiner issues? They involve NON-political shows in ONE directional political opinion! We do not watch entertainment shows for left-wing views,or right-wing views come to that!! There are loads of other options to ITV? Keep on with your silly infatuation with the Left and you may find viewers leaving in droves as they are BBC!

  21. Absolutely fed up of switching the tv on in the morning and listening to Susanna Reid, time to switch off! This morning another day of her asking stupid questions then constantly interrupting the guest not giving them chance to answer! Sick of seeing this every morning, get Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway on, much better!

  22. Thank you for ruining my evenings viewing,why do we constantly have harry and Meghan whining,we do not need them and their dirty laundry forever in our face,I find them absolutely offensive,they ruin an evenings viewing,why does the media give them so much coverage,when will someone realise we are not interested in a pathetic book launch.

  23. Since Itv X has arrived,I can no longer watch a program all the way through,it goes back to the home page and then will not resume?? I don’t have this problem with any other channel..what’s going on??


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