IOPC Complaints

Having to deal with the police may be a stressful situation. If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by the police, you have the right to file a complaint. You can file a severe and effective complaint against police officers or other members of the police force. 

IOPC Complaints

You may also express your dissatisfaction with the service’s operation. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) was established to boost public trust in England and Wales’ police complaint procedure. 

It also looks into significant complaints and claims of police misconduct and hearing appeals. But what are the various ways to file a complaint? Which method will be most suitable for you? Read on to learn all about IPOC and how you can file a complaint. 

How To Complain To IOPC?

You may express your dissatisfaction in the following manner:

Methods Details
Going to Police Physically visiting a police station
Online Form 
Advocacy Asking various advocacy channels
Member of Parliament Call: 020 7219 4272
Citizen Suggestion Call: 08444 111 444

1. Going To A Police Station: 

This is the best method to file a complaint. You can go directly to any police station to file a complaint against another police officer. It is the quickest form of resolution as well.

2. Use An Online Form:  

You may file a complaint on the website of your local police department. Their website is

3. By Mail: 

Send your written complaint to the police precinct that you’re upset with. Alternatively, there’s the IOPC. 

Use the link to get more info. You may also get a physical copy by calling 0300 020 0096.

4. Advocacy: 

Community advocacy services may be able to assist you in filing a complaint. They’re also known as generic advocates. However, they will not be available in every part of England.

The police do not have control over advocacy services. They should be available for free.

5. Member Of Parliament (MP): 

You might also get the assistance of your local MP in filing a complaint. Visit the website to find out who the local Representative is. 

You may also call the House of Commons Information Department at 020 7219 4272 for further information.

6. Citizen Suggestions: 

Your regional Citizen’s Advice Bureau may be able to assist you in filing a complaint. You may find your citizen suggestions at or by calling 08444 111 444.

What Happens If You Make A Complaint?

The police department will quickly ensure whether or not they need to register your complaint. If the authorities need to register your complaint, they will do it rapidly. The authority only processes complaints that have been logged. 

There is no time limit for how long a security force will take to investigate your complaint. Once they assign the complaint to someone, they will inform you how long it will take.

Unless other requirements are met, you will get an update on the status of your grievance at least once every 28 days unless other agreements are made.

In Conclusion

The methods given above are the best ways to file a complaint against police using IOPC. Use them to your advantage whenever you see police using their power to undermine you or your friends and relatives.

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