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At HSBC they believe that customer services are one of the most important wings of a company, without proper interaction between the company and its customers the company cannot grow and become better. They ensure that their customers get excellent service in any issues concerning any sector of the bank. The satisfaction of a customer is very critical to the reputation of the bank. The right to complain gives the customer a voice against injustice and other issues. HBSC complaint works through a framework for grievance redressal. It is supported by a mechanism for reviewing against the occurrence of the same issue ever again.

hsbc complaints

The Principles for the Policy of Grievance Redressal Are:

  1. All customers are treated equally at all times.
  2. The complaints filed by customers will be dealt with proper courtesy and in a short period.
  3. Customers are provided with information on how to escalate the complaint within the banking organization and about their rights, if and when they are not satisfied with the solution provided by the customer services.
  4. All HSBC complaints are considered equally and fairly.
  5. The employees of the bank must work in good faith of the customer to provide an excellent service.

Committees of Customer Service

The bank has an elaborate framework of committees for customer service. They keep oversight and contribute to the betterment of the customer service provided by the bank. These committees understand opportunities that come with each complaint about enhancing customer services with time. The feedbacks of customers are shared between the committees to increase the quality of overall services provided by the bank.

Exco Customer Service Committee

This board committee oversees the application of enhanced service schemes across all the branches of the bank. This committee meets once every quarter and is given the responsibility to plan policies for better customer experience.

Custom Service Standing Committee

This is a grass level committee for customer service; this committee is responsible for collection and conveying feedback about the effectiveness of the newly implemented initiatives for customer service. The committee reviews and analyses the business of the bank and develops a correction if necessary, in the ongoing functioning of the bank. This committee is also responsible for examining the correct implementation of customer services in every unit of the bank.

Customer Service Committee at Branch Level

This committee encourages official communication between the branch of the bank and the customers. Hence, the branch service is kept on the line with the involvement in customer services. The committee arranges monthly forums to establish an open line of communication between the bank branch and the customers. All the customers are invited to this forum to share their views about the bank.


Now you know all about the mechanism that goes on for resolving an HSBC complaints. If you face any other problem and you think to know anything more about the bank, let us know in the comments section.

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