Flybe Complaints

Flybe is a British airline company that has been in business since 1979. They provide frequent domestic flights in the UK and few limited services outside the UK and are considered reasonable and reliable airways.

Complaints Flybe

You can easily book flights on their website and get on with your travels. There are times when you are unsatisfied with the service. With the help of their customer care service, you can complain to get your issue resolved. Read ahead to learn how to lodge a complaint with Flybe.

How To Reach Flybe Support Staff?

In case you are trying to reach the customer support staff of the airline, here are a few ways to do so:

Methods Details
Phone Number 0871 700 2000 (booking)
Email Address
Headquarters Location Jack Walker House, Exeter International Airport Devon, EX5 2HL, United Kingdom

How To Make A Complaint To Flybe?

Flybe provides Resolver, a third-party customer care service to all their customers to resolve their issues and clear their queries. The Resolver is a free complaint resolution digital tool that helps to connect British customers directly with the Flybe customer care agent.

Resolver helps to take up email and tracks the complaint process precisely. To make a complaint to Flybe, you have to go through 4 steps:

  • State your issue.
  • Understand your rights.
  • Case details to be filled.
  • Review the case and complain.

You will get immediate notifications and updates as the issue gets rectified.

You can contact their customer care agent on the customer service number – 0207 951 7801. They are available 24×7. The customer care agent will assist you in lodging a complaint or clearing other queries you have. The call cost varies depending on the location.

You can also email Flybe your complaint. Emailing Flybe is relatively easy but takes longer to get your issue resolved. It is better to call or connect through Resolver to hasten the process.

What Can Flybe Resolver Do?

With the help of the Resolver, Flybe’s customers experience a hassle-free process. It helps to:

  • Keep all the correspondence in one place.
  • Get directed to the right contact point in the company for the respective issue.
  • It offers a simple question template to help raise the complaint quickly.
  • Get timely notifications from the company regarding the complaint or query.
  • It also helps to get automated notification on when it’s appropriate to escalate your complaint to the next management level to resolve it more efficiently.
  • Get summarized details to send the whole complaint to the regulatory body if required.


You can quickly check for compensation on the official website. There are very few cases where they grant compensation. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Flybe complaint website.
  • Click on check for compensation.
  • Fill in the details: departure airport, arrival airport, airline, and flight date.
  • The compensation details automatically will be generated.


You can either directly call their customer care number or submit an enquiry form for any type of inquiry. Besides that, you can directly go to their official website and select “Contact form” under the Help section.¬†

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