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Maintaining sovereignty and territorial integrity and then ensuring the welfare of the citizens are two of the fundamental goals of the modern states. A state can take care of the welfare of its citizens by uplifting them economically. And for realizing the goal of the economic prosperity of its citizens, states devise and launch various welfare programs.

Social welfare, pensions, and child maintenance are such social security programs run by the UK government. For administering these welfare, pensions, and child maintenance, a separate department – DWP – operates in the UK.

DWP Complaints

DWP is short form of ‘Department for Work and Pensions’. It is the UK’s biggest public service department that administers the State Pension and a range of working age, disability and ill health benefits to around 20 million claimants and customers. DWP is supported by 15 agencies and public bodies and the department has the following responsibilities.

  • understanding and dealing with the causes of poverty rather than its symptoms
  • encouraging people to work and making work pay
  • encouraging disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent
  • providing a decent income for people of pension age and promoting saving for retirement
  • providing value for money and reducing levels of fraud and error
  • reducing work-related death and serious injury in workplaces through the Health and Safety Executive

Though the department has above-mentioned responsibilities which it strives to fulfill but DWP has prioritize the following objectives among its responsibilities.

  • To run an effective welfare system that enables people to achieve financial independence by providing assistance and guidance into employment
  • To increase saving for, and security in, later life
  • To create a fair and affordable welfare system which improves the life chances of children
  • To deliver outstanding services to our customers and claimants
  • To deliver efficiently: transform the way of service delivery

The department is maintaining an elaborate website which is helping the Brits to avail their services. Besides, the customer support team of DWP is eager to sort out things for their citizens via the website. If you are up to registering a complaint about any field of its operations or simply want to get some information about any of the above mentioned services, then you have to visit its website.

How to Lodge a Complaint to DWP

You can complain to DWP via phone, or in person, or via post. You can use any means but filing the complaint via phone is super easy as it is an instant means of resolving your query. For lodging, a complaint via phone, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘complaint procedure’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will find their phone number. Pick up your phone and dial the given number for initiating the complaint process.

Besides reaching them out by phone, you can also file your complaint via any of the following methods.

Via Post

In case, you don’t want to call or the lines are closed then you can alternatively write them a complaint letter. You will find their postal address on their official website. Once you write them a letter then they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Via Visiting their Local Office

Finally, if you want to register your complaint in person then you have to visit your local DWP office. They will listen to you and will try to resolve your query as soon as possible. Irrespective of your complaint lodging mechanism, you must have the following documents and information while registering your complaint.

  • your National Insurance number – unless you are an employer
  • your full name, address and contact numbers
  • which benefit you are complaining about
  • what happened, when it happened and how it affected you
  • what you want to happen to put things right

Key Takeaway

Like any responsible government, the UK government strives for fulfilling all of its legal responsibilities towards its citizens. And for realizing its responsibilities, governmental departments like DWP play a critical role.  

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