Dominos Complaints

Domino’s Pizza Group plc is the largest pizza company in the United Kingdom and a significant participant in the Irish market. They own, administer, and franchise Domino’s restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland under a master licensing agreement.

In addition, they have a joint venture in Germany and Luxembourg. There were 1,201 Domino’s restaurants in the UK and Ireland as of March 2021. If you live in the UK, there is a strong chance you’ve had their pizza at least once.

Dominos Complaints

Who doesn’t like a hot, delicious Domino’s pizza? The majority of people do. Unfortunately, there may be times when you are dissatisfied with a particular component of your Dominos service.

What to do if you have to file a complaint? You have options if you’re disappointed with any aspect of your Domino’s encounter. Read on to know how to address your complaints and resolve them with Dominos UK.

What Are The Ways To Complain About Your Dominos Order?

Methods Details
Phone 01908 580 000
Bot Open the dominos app to chat with the bot
Twitter Dominos UK
Headquarters Location 1 Thornbury, West, Ashland, Milton Keynes, MK6 4BB, United Kingdom

Customer Service

If you’re unhappy with something, you may always contact customer support. The fastest and most convenient approach to express your problem and seek a resolution is to call customer care. If you want speedy results, all you have to do is make a handy phone call.

You can also chat with a bot on the official dominos website and address your concern if a call is not possible for you.

Phone number: 01908 580 000

Feedback Through Email:

If you don’t want to talk on the phone, you may always send an email complaint. Domino’s includes an email address where you may express your dissatisfaction and obtain a response. 

It is beneficial since you don’t have to be concerned about possible phone wait times. You send an email with your issues and wait for a response.


Postal Service:

You could always write a letter if time is not a problem. Write a letter to Domino’s pizza customer support detailing all of your concerns. It may take a bit for Domino’s to answer, but they will. You should make this choice only if you have plenty of time and your concern isn’t urgent.

Pay a visit to a Domino’s near you:

If you want to talk with a live person about your concern, you may always go to your local Domino’s. You may speak with a manager about your problems to address them. Human interaction is often preferred to the phone, email, and formal letters.

Wrapping Up

Whether purchasing pizza or a vehicle, you must appreciate quality goods and services. But there are instances where you may feel cheated or dissatisfied with your order. 

Dominos, like other companies, provides a range of options for consumers to express their dissatisfaction and get the service they deserve. You may prefer any of these options given above to address your concern. 

If you have a time-sensitive issue, contact customer care or submit an email. You might also go to a local place to speak with someone. Consider your problem and make the best decision possible.

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