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Complaint Phone Number3445611234
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Head OfficeDSG Retail Ltd, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS.

Currys is a famous company that sells electrical products. This British company mainly operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The retail company has quickly become famous and the name of the company has spread rapidly. The company was founded in 1884 by Henry Curry.
The company is also known as Currys PC world. The electrical products manufactured by the company are some of the best in the market. Their futuristic designs and modern technologies have created a strong impact on customers. Today, the company has expanded significantly. Over the last few decades, Currys has updated itself rapidly to keep up with the constantly changing technologies and trends. The company gives its customers priority and therefore has excellent customer service. You can reach them through the following methods:
currys complaints

Call and Complaint

The company has a helpline number that you can call to give any complaint against the company. Their number is 03445611234. Call them within the stipulated time to talk to them in detail. Make sure you explain yourself clearly and give specific details about your problems. If no one answers your call, make sure you ring back after ten minutes. Usually, problems are acknowledged within 24 hours and you will receive a call from them every time they have an update on your complaint.

Send an e-mail

The company has an active email address. Send them an email at You will receive a reply from them as soon as they acknowledge your problem. Keep checking your mail at regular intervals.

Tweet to them

Nowadays, social media platforms have become quite important. Every other company is on social media and you can send them a message to let them know about your problem. Twitter is an excellent social media platform that you can use to get through to Currys customer service. You tweet them at Currys customer service or Currys PC World. Mention your problem in the post and tag them Twitter handles. The company usually checks Twitter regularly and you will receive an update quickly.

Offline Services

The company allows customers to file complaints offline as well. You can visit them at Currys, PO, Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA, United Kingdom, or at Dixons Carphone plc 1 Portal Way London W3 6RS United Kingdom. The former is their customer service office whereas the latter is where their headquarters are. After you visit their office make sure to explain yourself clearly and tell them clearly what solution you want.


The company usually tries to solve problems as quickly as possible because they respect the time and patience of customers. Every method that you use to file a complaint is equally useful. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you can contact them again by using the same method or a different one. The company handles problems very professionally. You will be completely satisfied with their customer service.
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11 thoughts on “Currys Complaints”

  1. I am currently trying to make a genuine complaint against the CEO OF Currys on twitter and they are refusing to push it through. The complaint revolves around company policy, working practices and the complaints procedures for Currys personal and they say they are following policy. My computer was sent for repair at the start of September but was broken beyond repair in transit between a Currys store and teamknowhow. I have never been told that it was irrepairably damaged in transit when it arrived for repair. I only managed to find out recently when I insisted that a Currys store employee rang them in my presence to ask and was eventually told the truth. I have several messages from teamknowhow telling me it arrived safely intact and since then they are trying to get parts. This is a total lie and they are just following company policy which is directed by the CEO.

  2. hi i have received a voucher from you after sending my tv off for a 2nd time to be repaired , due to your awful customer service and no tv of a decent spec being available for the price of the voucher i would like a cash refund , as i have already had no tv for over 14 days i also do not want to wait a delivery time, please advise asap on your next action , before i explore my consumer rights on faulty goods

    regards Rita Tolliss

  3. o whom it may concern,

    I am furious as i’ve been trying for the past hour and a half to pay the balance for my account before having to pay interest. At first it declined the payment from my account, yet there was enough money in my account to cover it. When I tried again the site keep giving me a message saying temperarley unavailable. I’m now on my lap top to try desktop site, managed to get logged on and they’ve added the interest on, in that space of time. Could you please call me to rectify this issue, as been in the time frame to make the payment with no interest!!

    Contact details Louise Sloan, 07926138455

    Sent from Mail for Windows

  4. Hi trying all methods to contact as phone does not seem to allow you to complaint I have just had a new fridge and there was a pick up of the old fridge the delivery drivers did not have time to pick up as they where only allocated 16 minutes, so the old fridge is sitting in my garden and no one has been in contact to remove it. please rectify


    Austin Compson-Bradford

  5. I
    sent a complaint on the 9th November but have still not had a reply, I had a dishwasher delivered on the 8th November I paid for them to fit it in they did not secure it as a result it flooded my kitchen floor I have been to curry at brixton where I bought it and they let me use there phone to ring up and complain but I have still not heard from anyone await your reply
    I Burgess

  6. I have been trying to contact your repair company Electrolux of which I was given the phone number from your customer service department, after 2 phone called lasting 26 minuet and no reply and being cut off, I want to know where do I get a repair to the Zanussi induction Cooker which I bought from curry’s online. On the 22 February 2021. There is an electrical fault on this product and of great concern to me.

    Therefore can you please explain to me what why this service is not available when I had been given this number from Curry’s and when will I get the help I need before something happens and I will have to take this further.

  7. i purchased a Sony Bravia tv approximately 2 month ago despite having spent £140 on two operatives it has proved impossible to provide all supposedly available features in fact very few and has a habit turning itself randomly day and night.
    please help.

  8. I purchased a Sony Bravo tv some two months ago despite spending £140 on two operatives it has proved impossible to set up to provide all facilities that should be available.
    The tv also has the annoying habit of randomly turning itself on day and night and also audio system operates without command, i need help.

  9. On Friday 3rd December, I placed an order for an IPad. Paid in full as you were stating
    item was in stock.
    Then I received an an email confirming this and an estimated delivery date 6th
    I commenced an online chat yesterday, to be told item was not in stock. And could not
    be told when they would be in stock.
    Wonder when you were going to inform me of this ?
    I am most annoyed that you kept my money, when the item was not in stock, is this
    My refund is still not in my account, but you could certainly take it out quickly enough.
    Can you please attend to this immediately? You should have refunded my money when
    you did not have it in stock, shameful.
    Order number CUR2113634755

  10. hi,
    I order the TV 23/11/2021. after got 2 message tv will deliver 26 Nov 14.00 and 18.00 finally we don’t receive item on that day but all day waste out time. after contact customer service request to cancel because I found tv on £1043.00. then your Colleague compare price give refund the £50. after call the customer service they told me cancel order because of out of stock.
    if not have stock why you send delivery date & your Colleague not accept my cancel request order again. this situation I lost £250 because price increase £1299 this the reason cancel my order.

  11. Probably the worst customer service i have ever had to deal with got charged for a product they couldn’t supply i recieved a email to say product was cancelled and how to get a refund which obviously didn’t work i’ve been trying to get a refund but they are refusing. I have already bought the product elsewhere so i don’t need the one they have charged me for. Its not the first time i’ve had problems with Currys but it will be the last i won’t be using them again ever and i advise everyone to shop elsewhere this an awful company with appalling customer service.


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