Currys Complaints

Currys is a famous company that sells electrical products. This British company mainly operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The retail company has quickly become famous and the name of the company has spread rapidly. The company was founded in 1884 by Henry Curry.

The company is also known as Currys PC world. The electrical products manufactured by the company are some of the best in the market. Their futuristic designs and modern technologies have created a strong impact on customers. Today, the company has expanded significantly. Over the last few decades, Currys has updated itself rapidly to keep up with the constantly changing technologies and trends. The company gives its customers priority and therefore has excellent customer service. You can reach them through the following methods:

currys complaints

Call and Complaint

The company has a helpline number that you can call to give any complaint against the company. Their number is 03445611234. Call them within the stipulated time to talk to them in detail. Make sure you explain yourself clearly and give specific details about your problems. If no one answers your call, make sure you ring back after ten minutes. Usually, problems are acknowledged within 24 hours and you will receive a call from them every time they have an update on your complaint.

Send an e-mail

The company has an active email address. Send them an email at [email protected]. You will receive a reply from them as soon as they acknowledge your problem. Keep checking your mail at regular intervals.

Tweet to them

Nowadays, social media platforms have become quite important. Every other company is on social media and you can send them a message to let them know about your problem. Twitter is an excellent social media platform that you can use to get through to Currys customer service. You tweet them at Currys customer service or Currys PC World. Mention your problem in the post and tag them Twitter handles. The company usually checks Twitter regularly and you will receive an update quickly.

Offline Services

The company allows customers to file complaints offline as well. You can visit them at Currys, PO, Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA, United Kingdom, or at Dixons Carphone plc 1 Portal Way London W3 6RS United Kingdom. The former is their customer service office whereas the latter is where their headquarters are. After you visit their office make sure to explain yourself clearly and tell them clearly what solution you want.


The company usually tries to solve problems as quickly as possible because they respect the time and patience of customers. Every method that you use to file a complaint is equally useful. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you can contact them again by using the same method or a different one. The company handles problems very professionally. You will be completely satisfied with their customer service.

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