Crossword Clue Complaints

Word games are excellent tools for enhancing one’s vocabulary. But at times, these word games prove quite tricky and one can’t help but to seek help of other learned individuals and other online platforms. is one such online platform that offers a variety of word games and word game solver tools. The platform was established in 1999 and since then nearly 40 million Boggler games and 20 million Crossword Challenge games have been played.

The site was originally developed out of frustration in not being able to solve a cryptogram. The crypto cracker was first added to it and subsequently Words in Word, Jumble, Anagrammer, Word by Word, Crossword Helper and Boggler were added to it. Besides these diverse games, the popular Scrabble Helper and full board Scrabble Cheat tool is also a part of it.

Since its launch, the site is accused of cheating at Boggle and other related games but it is not the case as this site is purely for entertainment purposes. Moreover, the platform is also open to any positive as well as negative feedback from its users. If you have any query or simply want to file a complaint then you can visit its website for registering your complaint via its feedback form.

Crossword Clue Complaints

How to Lodge a Complaint to Crossword Clue

You can complain regarding any issue via its website. For lodging, a complaint via the website, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘contact us’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will find a feedback form.

You have to fill this form. First of all select your desired topic. After selecting the topic, fill out the empty box detailing your complaint or query. After filling out these two boxes, provide your valid email address and then click the submit button. You must furnish your valid email address as they will contact you via this email once they receive your complaint or query.

In addition to this form, the website has also a comprehensive FAQs section. By reading this FAQs section, almost all of your general queries will be resolved. The FAQs section is also present on the contact page – you will find a link to the FAQs section above the feedback form. Generally, it is recommended to read out this FAQs section before initiating any complaint process.

Besides, these two options, the site has official accounts on Facebook and Twitter social media sites. You can follow these for keeping yourself about the latest updates. Also, you can read the featured articles for knowing the games’ rules and how to play them effectively.

To Wrap it Up

Crossword clue strives for facilitating its gamer users in every possible way so they have provided multiple communication channels for their users to reach them out. With this amazing online resource, you can play any of the crossword games and can have fun and education at the same time. For more information please visit this link 

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