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Costa Coffee or simply Costa is one of the largest UK-based coffeehouse chains that was established in 1971 in London. Since then it has witnessed a quick expansion and now it has also presence in other countries all around the world. In 2019, Costa was sold to The Coca Cola Company for 3.9 billion pounds!

Costa has now around 3401 stores across 31 countries including 2,121 UK restaurants. Following are the products of Costa.

  • Hot drinks like coffees, teas and hot chocolates
  • Cold drinks like Frostino and fruit coolers
  • Savoury snacks including sandwiches and breakfast items
  • Sweet snacks like chocolate bars and wafers
  • Cakes and pastries including cookies, brownies and croissants

Besides these products, the multinational coffee brand also offers seasonal menus which include both drinks and snacks. Costa also has festive takeaway cups with limited-edition designs each year.

Costa Complaints

You can either visit any of its restaurants or can order your coffee or snacks online as Costa also offers the facility of online ordering via its website. And if you are facing any difficulty regarding any of its products or staff or simply want to show your dissatisfaction by registering a complaint against the multinational brand then you can readily do it through its website. You can connect with the brand’s customer services team via any of the following methods.

  • Via Contact Form
  • Via Mobile App
  • Via Visiting the Restaurant

How to Lodge a Complaint to Costa

You can complain via any of the above means but registering the complaint via contact form is the most convenient as it is an instant means of resolving your query. For lodging, a complaint via contact form, visit their website, and at the bottom of the homepage, you will find the ‘contact us’ tab. Click this tab and you will be redirected to another webpage, where you have to choose your nature of complaint. Once you choose your nature of complaint, a contact form will pop up. Here you have to fill the form by providing the required information like personal details, contact details, complaint information, and the like.

After filling the form submit it and soon one of the reps of the support team will get back to you. Besides reaching them out via contact form, you can also file your complaint via any of the following methods.

Via Mobile App

Costa has also an interactive mobile app. You can download the app from both Google and Apple playstores. On this app, you can not only order online but can also register your complaint and can clarify your order issues as you can get instantly connected to a representative of the Costa support team via the app.

Via Visiting the Restaurant

Costa has more than 2000 physical restaurants across the UK and therefore you can always find a nearby Costa restaurant. You can also register your complaint by physically visiting any of its restaurants and having a direct conversation with the restaurant’s manager.

Besides all these means, you can also connect with the brand via its social media accounts for keeping yourself updated regarding new products and promos. Links to all of its social media accounts are provided on the contact page of the website.

Wrapping it Up

Costa has ensured multiple communication channels for their consumers’ satisfaction. Use any of them if you need to get in touch with the brand.  For more information please visit the link

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12 thoughts on “Costa Complaints”

  1. Hi

    I want to register a complaint about x4 visits to Costa Pangbourne, I ordered iced latte and iced cappuccino what I got was just water and ice, no caramel or hazelnut syrup, I used my costa app having spent over 15.00 the app did not give me automatically the 2.00 off saving also the cost of these drinks are expensive and not done right staff rude so didn’t want to approach, also when I reach my free coffee your system always crashes so I make a special journey to get a free coffee and it just really stresses me out that I cannot have one, I think your app should automatically take off discounts as the staff do not promote or do this for you and due respect Im a customer

  2. I have an ACK006 on my Costa App. It is impossible to access your customer service through the App or any other platform (access denied). I am not prepared to use the telephone. Online, it appears that Whitbread is the holding company, I was under the impression that CocaCola Corporation took over.

  3. I made a complaint online last Saturday morning and I am yet to get any response, I am not at all impressed.
    My wife and I last Saturday at around 13:15 visited the Costa Coffee Shop at Leckwith Cardiff, we are both in our 70s and needed a hot drink and a sit down, I waited in the queue and my wife went to take a seat only to be told that she could not as people in front of me in the queue may need a seat. My wife joined me in the queue and then we saw the women who had stopped my wife from sitting down allowing a lady with a child to take a seat in the restaurant. We questioned the staff member responsible but she walked off muttering something, which we were possibly happy not to have heard. We left and went to a nearby Starbucks and had a warm welcome. We certainly will not be returning to Costa at Leckwith Cardiff. Its true when you give some people power it goes to their heads!

  4. Bought coffee and Bacon roll on Friday from Costa at the Almondvale shoping centre in Livingston. We have been regular visitors for our Friday treat for a number of months now. Previously we had our Bacon roll at the M&S café at the same centre. After they changed suppliers for the Bacon they were using in their rolls, we complained and decided to use Costa instead. I have now been informed that they too are being supplied by the same people as M&S. sorry to say that as in M&S your standards have gone downhill. Next stop will be Greggs. Cheaper and better Bacon served.

  5. Free Frappe, but I don’t drink sugary drinks.

    Was issued with a free Frappe voucher to use within a certain timeframe. I am an old school regular coffee person and don’t like these highly calorific fancy varients. So I asked the Barrista i I could swap for a flat white. She Frappely refused so I am issuing a complaint. Why on earth can’t costa just issue a freebie voucher to use for any drink they want instead of being forced to get only a certain type they may not want?

  6. I won a Nuffield Health day in the recent competition. The winning email stated I should receive details within 28 days , that was on the 15th of May. Since then no communication from Costa. They fail to answer emails and the customer service contact number is unavailable.
    At a loss to know what to do next.

  7. I bough mug at store in York shire on holiday when got home found it leaked took it to store near me showed them£12 receipt on my bank account on phone but told nead a paper reciept

  8. Could you please do something to sort out the costa store at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. I have been going to the hospital on and off for months now and it has to be the slowest store of your whole fleet. Lots of people behind the counter but only one person actually doing any work – the others seem to be there to make up the numbers!. Hospital staff queueing with little spare time are spending all their break standing in a queue; just as a patient it drives one bonkers for the endless waiting. The whole appearance of the store and gloomy and dark and needs some work to make it welcoming. But most of all it needs staff training and organising. The store in Royal Wootton Bassett is great, GWH is terrible.

  9. Welcome to the pig sty

    Costa manvers

    So bad its beyond a complaint

    Filty floors doors windows tables car park staff visit at 7 in morning you get to clean yesterdays dreggs off the table usually dried on next staff wiping their noses on back of hand while making your drink

    Wiping up spilled beans and back into grinder wtf

    The car park rats are huge but funny watching them scurrying about.NOT

    3 days last week tea olny machine broken today no coffee grinders broke really

    Obvisonly owners dont give a shit about customers just money or costa values

    Shut it down befòre enviromental health do

  10. I went to Costa orient Trafford Centre after aroun 8:30 pm on Saturday 11 February and staff said we are closed and I noticed staff behaviour was not acceptable I’m regular customers of costa and never aspect bad service or behaviour from Costa staff In that branch not friendly

  11. We use Costa at Tesco store, Winnall, Winchester and their dishwasher has been out of action for 6 weeks now and today we heard it could be another 6 weeks before the correct part is obtained. Bad for customer service as well as Staff, you know this so why does it take so long to put things right. Also the lift which services the cafe is filthy and the voice doesn’t work. Come on Costa get someone to get it sorted. Dianne Pillinger, regular customer.

  12. Costa south going west, Its chaos, if a queue you could end up getting anything, yesterday, as usual, I order medium cappuccino, & small cappuccino DECAF, Having had problems, I watched, at no stage did the lad try for DECAF, both filled with ground coffee, when I asked, he said yes it was decaf, BUT turned and moved stuff around, removed the small cup, tipped it down drain, washed, then went for the DECAF sachet, my wife has HEART problem so its DECAF or Heart Attack, these black kids dont care, BUT, THere is ONE young black girl that is always right, but its a game of chance to get her.


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