O2 Live Chat

With everything happening virtually at the moment, phone connectivity and internet services are of utmost importance. So, telecom service providers have had to step up their game and deal with queries and complaints as fast as possible so that connectivity is seamless. Telecom service providers like O2 are doing their best to sort out customer … Read more

John Lewis Complaints

Providing good customer service is one of the best ways to ensure that you have customers revisiting your business. John Lewis & Partners, one of the premier departments stores in the UK are known for just that. From consumer goods to clothes, these stores have it all along with a well-stocked online store through which … Read more

KFC Complaints

One of the world’s favorite fast foods is definitely the Kentucky Fried Chicken commonly known as KFC. Being one of the top-rated fast foods in the world comes with the added pressure of its own. People’s expectations are high and sometimes, the chicken might not be up to the mark that has been set by … Read more

RFL Complaints

In keeping with the trend of taking everything online the Rugby League too has been made virtual. So, the players, match officials and coaches have to register online on the LeagueNet system via the RFL website.   What is LeagueNet? It is a participation and competition management system. Instead of submitting the forms as a … Read more

EE Complaints

The world has moved online. Life without a proper internet connection is almost unimaginable at this point. Losing connectivity can be a nightmare with the slew of video meetings and online activities that you may have planned for the day. If you do run into an issue with your connectivity then you are on the … Read more

Three Complaints

Three is a British company that is mainly involved in the telecommunications sector. They are also one of the leading internet connection providers in the country. They are based in Maidenhead in England. The company was founded in 2003 and they promised to provide a strong 3G network for commercial use. They started off as … Read more

Ryanair Complaints

Ryanair is an airline company based in Europe. It was founded in 1984 in Ireland and it has its current headquarters and operational base in Dublin. This European company has several sister airlines but Ryanair continues to be the largest part of Ryanair Holdings. Over the last few years, the company has worked with millions … Read more

PayPal Complaints

PayPal is an American online payment firm that serves worldwide. It is a replacement for the traditional method of utilizing cheques and money orders. With PayPal, online payment has become very simple. It is a user-friendly app that is applicable to all types of users starting from online vendors to many other commercial users. PayPal … Read more

Openreach Complaints

Established in 2006, Openreach is a functional division of BT plc’s telecommunication company. Openreach connects all the ducts, cables, cabinets and exchanges of almost all the homes and business in the United Kingdom. It has a great number of field telecommunication engineers that visit nearly 29.500 homes and offices for its customers. It has around. … Read more