Yodel Complaints

An important part of running a courier service is to keep the lines of communication with their customers open so that the business can be notified if there are any issues with the delivery of the packages.   Yodel is one of the most used courier services in the UK and most of their success … Read more

TalkTalk Complaints

Talktalk is one of the most well-known connectivity and data services providers in the country. Now that the world has moved online, a proper data connection has become a necessity. Disruptions in connectivity have become stressful and customers are often found complaining about poor connectivity. As a telecom business, it is essential for Talktalk to … Read more

Aldi Complaints

For all businesses, customer service does not end when the customer pays for a product and leaves the store. There are a host of problems a customer can face after purchasing a product. A newly purchased product might be faulty or if it is the perishable kind then it might be rotten. This is when … Read more

Barclays Complaints

Banks do their best to keep their service seamless but customers might run into some trouble from time to time. But premier banks do their best to sort out such issues as and when they arise. For the bank to solve a problem, they must be notified of such troubles. Most banks including the likes … Read more

British Airways Complaints

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed air travel for the near future. With many new rules and regulations, there is bound to be lots of questions and confusion regarding air travel. So, airlines have had to ramp up their customer service channels and British Airways too is not far behind. Complaints about British Airways can … Read more

TFL Complaints

One of the hallmarks of a good service provider is that they keep a clear line of communication open between them and their consumers. That is exactly what Transport for London (TFL) does. TFL makes sure that all their customers’ complaints are heard. If you are a commuter who uses any of the services provided … Read more

Just Eat Complaints

The coronavirus pandemic has moved the world indoors. Meals from your favourite restaurant can now only be had from takeaway boxes. Food delivery businesses are hitting their peak as a huge number of patrons are still sceptical about venturing out to grab a meal. With the number of orders going higher and higher, there are … Read more

Uber Complaints

One of the most used cab service apps in the world, Uber has to make sure that their customers can reach them if the need arises. Uber cabs run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So, customers might have trouble at any time. They should be able to reach the customer service executives … Read more

O2 Live Chat

With everything happening virtually at the moment, phone connectivity and internet services are of utmost importance. So, telecom service providers have had to step up their game and deal with queries and complaints as fast as possible so that connectivity is seamless. Telecom service providers like O2 are doing their best to sort out customer … Read more

John Lewis Complaints

Providing good customer service is one of the best ways to ensure that you have customers revisiting your business. John Lewis & Partners, one of the premier departments stores in the UK are known for just that. From consumer goods to clothes, these stores have it all along with a well-stocked online store through which … Read more