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Britain’s Got Talent or BGT is a televised British talent show competition, a part of the globally famous Got Talent franchise, created by Ken Warwick, Simon Cowell, and the hilarious Ant and Dec comedy duo who has hosted every season of BGT since the beginning of the show in 2007. BGT has become a household name; with a wide range of acts, it certainly has given the television industry the much-needed boost. But one certainly has ups and downs, and in this case, there are many but not too many but quite a few.

Even though, be it the superperpowerless controversy or Amanda Holden’s wardrobe malfunction or Bruce Forsyth’s jab against the standards of the show.  That certainly hasn’t affected the viewers from watching the show rather it has become more popular with younger viewers. Some have used the show as a launchpad for a career in the entertainment industry. All in all, the show certainly has made its mark on the viewers and participants alike. Thus, you can follow these pointers below, in case of your BGT complaints.

bgt complaints

So, here’s what you can do if you have any complaints against the show.

Lodging a complaint through the Office of Communications:

Viewers in the United Kingdom have long enjoyed high-quality programming. But when you may see something objectionable on TV and want to lodge a complaint, the office of communications often (Ofcom) is there to help you out. Since being a government regulatory body for broadcasting and Telecommunications services lodging complaints here is pretty easy. Go to the official website of Ofcom that is,, then click on the ‘Make a Complaint’ tab, once you have done that you will be asked the specific service you want to complain about, click on the Complaint about TV, radio, or on-demand services option. And you will be guided accordingly where the details of the program will be asked for including your own details. Hence if you have a complaint regarding BGT let Ofcom know and they’ll take it to the broadcaster themselves.

Lodging a complaint through an email address:

If the first method doesn’t really work out for you then try from this particular website you’ll be able lodge your complaint about BGT directly to the broadcaster. This would mean that you, as a consumer of Britain’s Got Talent would not have to frantically search google on how to launch BGT complaints.

Lodging a complaint through a third-party application:

Since BGT does not have its own business email address, you need to email them via ITV. Click on the Email ITV, you will be given a couple of options to select whichever you feel like state the show or content. And the job is done. Hence if you have a genuine complaint against BGT feel free to use these options, but honestly love it or hate it you can’t ignore it.

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12 thoughts on “BGT Complaints”

  1. Hi don’t thing that Britain got talent this year with out David Williams he is really funny and he makes the show I was so disappointed wen I heard he wasn’t doing the show this year

  2. I thought that the last act was the most awful thing I have seen . This is a family show and to watch a man put a object on his backside and pass wind for entertainment should not get air time . My worry is I’m a nurse and to think that small kids are watching this who could potentially put instruments in their rectum and cause harm is actually disturbing. I watched the panel laugh and audience and I’m disgusted

  3. I think that the last act of the show last night with the man breaking wind was in very bad taste.
    I will not watch the show again as it is morally going downhill

  4. To show a man setting himself on fire before 9 o’clock knowing there are kids watching is disgusting … I can honestly say that I believe there will be a copy cat death because of it …

  5. A family program Nott anymore as we was all horrified watching a burning man doing a rubric cube SERIOUS BGT why on earth you think it was appropriate to watch something that scared my children……

  6. I fould it unbelievable that B.G.T finds a man setting himself on fire just to show how quickly he can solve a
    Rubik’s cube entertainment. What about children and adults who have unfortunately been brunt though what every means. The show, ITV and Simon Cowell should be completely ashamed of themselves. Ant and Dec may of said children don’t try this at home really, what about the percentage of children who will take no notice what so every of those words. Shame on all those involved in allowing and thinking that’s
    entertainment, and the act got four yeses..

  7. My friends and I were shocked and disgusted by the Japanese contestant on the show on 15th April 2023, as his act was in such bad taste. I have been watching BGT for years, but I will not be doing so again!

  8. Your program last night on the 16th April was a disgrace, you showed an innocent young lad singing beautifully followed by a man setting fire to himself, there was no warning whatsoever, no warning to tell people what was coming and no warning to tell children to ‘not do this at home’……it was only halfway through this dreadful act that Dec said to the camera at the side of the stage (with a grin on his face) “don’t do this at home” ! This was not enough, how can you have let this happen? You obviously knew what this act was all about because people were standing by in the wings with fire extinguishers. Kindly address this appalling issue and fast and announce to the viewers that this was totally unnecessary to let this act be shown.

  9. How irisponsible of BGT to show an act of someone setting themselves on fire. Children watch this programme I just hope none of them try to copy this. He may be a stunt man but it’s not clever or entertaining to do this how would someone who has been burned by accident feel watching this – very bad taste ITV

  10. I am very very concerned about Sunday 16th April episode . As a family show , do you think it’s right to have a mam on your show set fire to himself . Kids watch this show . Very bad example on a family show , also has bgt took into consideration that people have actually died in a fire . It’s shocking . Please consider your auditions carefully . Even though you say kids do not try this at home , there is some kids out there that would try things like that thinking they will come out safe . I usually love this shoe but I had to switch to another channel . What joy would we get watching someone set fire to themselves .


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