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Banks do their best to keep their service seamless but customers might run into some trouble from time to time. But premier banks do their best to sort out such issues as and when they arise. For the bank to solve a problem, they must be notified of such troubles. Most banks including the likes of premier banks like Barclays allows customers to reach them through multiple methods. A few are listed below.

Barclays Complaints

Through A Live Chat

If a customer is registered for online banking with Barclays bank then they can login to the portal and use the live chat option to notify the bank about the problem that they are facing. A customer service executive will be available to answer the queries of the customer and will communicate to the customer how the issue at hand must be solved. If the issue has to be solved internally by the bank then the chat thread is kept active and as the issue gets sorted it is communicated to the customer.

Through A Secure Message

Customers registered for online banking can also send a secure message to the bank if they are facing any queries. Being registered for online services ensures that the bank already has the customer’s banking details. This allows for faster resolution of the issue that the customer may be facing.

Through an Online Form

An online form is available to all customers of Barclays Bank irrespective of whether they are registered for online banking or not. Customers can state their Barclays complaint on the form and they will receive a call from the customer service executives of the bank detailing how the issue will be resolved.

Through A Phone Call

Calling is one of the quickest ways to resolve a customer issue. Barclays complaints can be lodged over the phone by dialling 0800282390 between 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 6 pm on the weekends.

Through A Letter

A customer wanting to lodge a complaint with Barclays bank can post a letter to Freepost Barclays Customer Relations clearly stating the issue that they are facing in the letter along with their banking details for easy identification.

Through A Face-To-Face Chat

Customers wanting to lodge Barclays complaints are free to walk into any branch of the bank and register a complaint after a face-to-face chat with any concerned official who might be able to help them sort out the issue that they are facing.

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