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Complaint Phone Number0800 952 0101
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Head OfficeGreat Wilson St, Leeds LS11 5AD

ASDA is one of the largest departmental store lines in the United Kingdom. The services provided by the ASDA markets are of top-notch quality and the staff in these markets are quite friendly and helpful. Despite all that everyone holds a right to complain against anything that they find uncomforting to them. ASDA is very open to complaints and considers customer feedback very seriously for their upgrades. If you have an immediate issue you can just alert a staff member, they even rarely leave space for customers to complain against their services and products.

ASDA does not have a portal for complaints as such, but they do have a feedback portal, where you can share your shopping experience online on their website. They are very accepting of both positive and negative feedback. They don’t take very long to get back at you with their response. If they don’t provide you with a response in time, you might have to approach the consumer courts to seek counsel against their unjust behavior. We hope it does not come to that. The effective procedures to make an ASDA complaint are given here in the text below.

asda complaints

ASDA Complaints Procedure

There are several procedures to approach ASDA with a complaint if the feedback portal does not satisfy your wants. If there is a fault in the product the ASDA does not take any responsibility. The responsibility for products is directly held by the manufacturing companies. There are many ways to reach ASDA with your complaints.

Contacting the Head Office

The best way to get their attention is to write a complaint to the head office. You can do it by post, their postal address is ASDA House, South Bank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, United Kingdom, or you can make a call to them at the head office and the phone number is available online.

Contacting ASDA Breakdown Complaints

You can also make ASDA breakdown complaints if you wish. This complaint also can be written and posted to their postal address Freepost RSJB-SBBB-TGCE, Folly Hall Mills, St Thomas Road, HD1, or you can call them directly. Lines remain open from 9 am to 6 pm on Friday, 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday. Calls might be recorded for future development purposes.


You can expect a response from the ASDA customer services within a week of making the complaint. If you make positive feedback, they might just reply to you with a thank you. If the response does not come in a few weeks we recommend you take it to the customer courts.


ASDA has fairly well-developed service, they do not usually leave rooms for complaints but if you have anything on your mind you can use our guide to reach them. If you have any other ways to make a complaint on your mind let others know in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “ASDA Complaints”

  1. In recent weeks we have had a few things from Asda that are unsatisfactory. A mouldy pack of rice and a pack of two lightbulbs with only 1 bulb in it. We havn’t complained as a hole in a bag of rice or someone stealing a light bulb is probably not the shops fault. However over the weekend my partner bought some beef. Despite following the instructions to the letter and having cooked beef many many times before this beef was totally unacceptable. We could not cut into the meat even with the sharpest knife. The whole meal was ruined and we had to throw the lot away.

  2. The online number for complaints gets nowhere. The process is outdated on their website, from 2019. The worst customer service.

    • You are so right with your comments the only good thing about Asda, for me, is the delivery people are very helpful and pleasant. Having said that Asda doesn’t seem to keep its staff for very long!

  3. Waited 4months for driving glasses,spoken to by Kate(manager)in a disgusting manner told I don’t know how to were a pair of glasses,called a northern idiot,and struggling to drive without,your Manager has purposely made me wait wasted asdas money,time resources,

  4. Ment to have a delivery last night between 6-8 pm did not turn up ,no text or email to say why .
    Rang up customer services said sorry ,,but can rebook you for tonight 7-9 which is a joke ,
    I am disabled and got two young kids waiting for nappies etc.
    Surely if you want to keep customers happy you get out delivery as soon as can .
    For such a big company this is a disgrace.

  5. The background music and advertising whilst in the York store seems to have increased by quite a few decibels and is not a pleasant experience. Turn it down please

  6. I had a delivery from Asda on Monday evening 30th January one item of A pack of eighteen Stella Artois came opened and one or two cans missing the driver took the pack away and said I would be refunded. I checked my bank and it was not refunded . I therefore complained to customer services and requested a refund they declined and said my past dealings of being refunded went against their decision, to refund, however the refunds I received were for items that was not in stock. Only on two other occasions did I have a refund for missing items.

  7. Please can you explain why I can’t return the first clothing item on my receipt to the Tamworth store. The store manager said the system will not scan the ‘decathlon’ item, but the receipt says Asda. Not anywhere does it say in-store signage or the receipt does it says that you can only take it back to the store with the concession in it. He said you can’t override the tills, and he can’t return the item back to Minworth, I would have to do it. I don’t know if or when I can go back the the Minworth store. How can you resolve this?

    Plus after I have been to the customer service desk and I did ask to speak to a manager, who decided to walk pass get a trolley to move a pallet of crisps – as he know someone was waiting, the other manager disappeared upstairs. Which did not make a very good impression.

  8. On March 2nd, 2023 at 4:45 PM, I want to report an incident of verbal and physical abuse that occurred at the Asda store located in the center of Gloucester GL1 1DS. My wife and I went to the store to buy a ready-made pizza. When we arrived at the area where the pizza is made, an elderly lady informed us that she couldn’t make pizza at that time due to stress and a lack of staff. We saw several flyers advertising a deal for two medium pizzas, a juice, and a voucher for only £6, but at the cash register, we were charged £10. When I asked to speak with a manager, a woman aged around 65-70 arrived about 10 minutes later in an aggressive and agitated state.

    Despite my attempts to explain the situation, the manager continued to be verbally abusive and accused me of lying. At one point, she physically grabbed try my phone from my hand. I called the police for help, but while waiting for their arrival, my wife and I attempted to leave the store but were prevented from doing so by the security staff and the manager. The two employees physically detained us against our will, and while trying to get out of the store, one of the security personnel assaulted me, hitting my right hand and shoulder with his body and left hand. Throughout this ordeal, I felt threatened, in danger, and feared for the safety of myself and my wife.

    I am reporting this incident to Asda and seeking help from the police to address the verbal and physical abuse that I experienced from Asda staff. I hope that appropriate action will be taken to address this unacceptable behavior.

  9. I think it’s out of order that certain things are cheaper online than in store.not everyone does an online shop. Today I wanted to purchase something it £145 on line on store its £2.

  10. Since no one is attempting to sort this mess out I’m now going public
    24th March had a slot for delivery between 7-9pm order was cancelled many phone calls later and another week later I still have not received a refund… somehow someone has got confused with the order I did 4 days after the cancelled order and decided I’m not allowed a refund I’ve got screenshot of u guys cancelled the order… u would think someone would of noticed by now that this refund should of happened if these people actually check properly!!!

  11. Why did Asda increase price of Easter eggs less than a wk before Easter .Mon 2 for £2.00 .tuesday £1.25 each .bag out of order .I refused to buy n went else where . Lidl is a lot cheaper .so its good bye Asda .for good

  12. Asda’s lack of an official customer services or complaints email system to sort things out is very unsatisfactory – my online groceries order never turned up, when I rang I was told they’d been unable to deliver it so it would be cancelled and I’d get a full refund, to my horror the next day I found they’d erroneously updated my online account’s order status to ‘Delivered’, their policy of only being able to request online refunds for up to three items meant I had to call them for about the fifth time to re-explain what had happened and request a full refund – still waiting for a refund, what a big fat joke! –



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