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If you are like one of us, who loves dressing their homes during the major festivals, but does not have a single clue where to shop from, then Argos is your buddy. They are an online store which hosts almost everything you will need for every single major festival almost across the globe. Based in the United Kingdom, Argos has everything that one would need to decorate their houses for festivals. Not only does it host the necessities for all the major festivals that happen in Europe and North America, but it also has equipment’s which are required for other Asian festivals such as Diwali and the like.

The best thing about Argos is how it takes into account inclusivity. There is a Black History Month celebration which happens every year on its website where they honor and celebrate all the Black figures of Britain. So, if you are breaking your head on google, frantically searching for Argos complaints, then you do not have to fret on it. We got you covered. We have covered their complaint procedures starting from their toll-free numbers where you can call, or to their in-website complaint page, or perhaps their social media and business emails.

argos complaints

Hence, we bring you all the possible ways you can lodge a complaint in case anything feels wrong about Argos, or if you got anything to say to them.

Filing a Complaint through Their Website Chat Bot:

The best way to launch a complaint against any business has to be by using their live chat option. We acknowledge that there are chatbots who answer to your queries and not real people, but in case you ask for a real person, you can get them. Or, in case of Argos, you can chat to a real person almost every day starting from 7 to 9:45 in the morning. All you need to do is keep your order number and the receipt at an arm’s reach so you can give them any detail they ask for as quickly as possible.


Filing a Complaint through Their Business Phone Number:

In case you are not a very texty person, you can call the company in this number: 03456-400-700. You can call them up, and get instantly connected to a customer service professional to who you can tell about your complaint. The customer service professional would then guide you to what is to be done after your complaint is officially lodged. However, we would suggest you have some amount of patience in case their number gives a busy tone.


Filing a Complaint through Their Social Media Pages:

We get it, you are neither a texty person, nor are you very comfortable calling someone. This is why you can launch a complaint through Argos’ social media pages. They are on twitter with the handle @Argos_Online, and on Facebook as well. In this age, their social media handles are probably more efficient as compared to other methods and hence, we would strongly recommend you to go that way.

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