AO Complaints

AO is an online portal that sells and distributes electrical goods, including washing machines, dryers, freezers, microwaves, and more minor things like coffee makers, heaters, blenders, straighteners, vacuum cleaners, and steamers.

AO’s over 5,900-strong merchandise selection comprises audiovisual devices, computers, smartphones, mobile gaming, innovative home technologies, and other consumer electronics items. It is active in the UK and Europe.

AO Complaints

However, the product you buy or your whole buying experience may be underwhelming in some instances. There could be a delivery, product, or service-related issue with your purchase. So how to deal with it and get a proper remedy?

There are many ways to register your complaint with AO for quick remedy and resolution. Read on to know what they are and find which method works best for you.

How To Register A Complaint With AO?

Method Details
Customer service Call: 0344 324 9222
CEO info 
Using Twitter 
Headquarters AO Park, 5A The Parklands Lostock Bolton, BL6 4SD, United Kingdom

Customer Service:

Since AO is a significant online business, its customer service plays a crucial role in handling issues with orders or installation. You can contact AO’s customer support in two ways:

Via Call: 

Calling is a direct approach to settle your issue with your product received from AO. The company provides a support phone number available 24/7 to help you with your orders. You can contact them at 0344 324 9222 for any issues or complaints with your order.

Via Email: 

If you don’t trust the call method, emailing is your best bet. There may also be a situation when the call option hasn’t yielded a result. In such a place, emailing will be your guide. 

You can mail the customer support of AO at and adequately describe your issue with your service or order and wait for a response. 

Visiting website:

Since you’ve ordered the product online, identically settling the issue is a safe option. You must have the ID you used to place an order from the AO website. Once logged in, go to and follow the necessary procedures to file a complaint.

Contacting The CEO:

In most instances, the issue gets resolved quickly, and there is no trouble for the consumer. But when things go out of hand, you may want to use novel approaches to register your complaint. 

If none of the ways above work, you can email the brains behind the company, John Roberts, for assistance. You can email John Roberts at describing your problems and why your earlier resolution methods failed. If everything goes right, his team will contact you and take care of your order without delay.

Tweeting Your Concern:

If contacting the CEO feels a bit extreme, you can go public and tell your issue to AO’s Twitter handle. Since you want to gripe about an organisation on Twitter, you should double-check that you’re looking at the proper Twitter account.

It’s not as simple as adding a @ sign before an original company. Large businesses will have specialised Twitter accounts for replying to client concerns. To verify that a corporation is authentic, look for the blue tick. 

To save you from the problem of finding the correct Twitter account, here is the Twitter handle of AO: Use this handle to factually describe your product-related issue and wait for the team to contact you.

In Conclusion

Shopping online on AO should be a satisfying experience for you. However, it may get tainted by some unexpected hurdles. The points given above will help you identify your problem and immediately get you to a satisfactory resolution.

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