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If you do not know of Amazon, living in 2020, then we are pretty sure that you live under a rock. This billion-dollar company, the brainchild of Jeff Bezos has been a key player when it comes to promoting and uplifting e-commerce. Amazon can also be called one of the pioneers when it comes to online shopping, and rightly so.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. But, with great responsibility also comes a great many chances of making mistakes. Obviously, at the end of the day, all the workforce which comes from Amazon, the backbone of the company is based on human labor (not that it is necessarily a bad thing). This in turn leaves room for quite some error, but we are humans, and it is in our nature to make mistakes and rectify them as well.

amazon complaints

Hence, if you have ordered something from Amazon, and there are some issues with the delivery, you can reach out to the company. Instead of googling for Amazon UK complaints, you can use one of the three ways that we list down here. If you are impatient, like us, you can also try doing all the three, because well, anything to grab attention to your problem really works! So, starting off, you have three options to report any complaint. In case you have any issues, and you live in the United Kingdom, there are some ways that you can go about Amazon UK complaints. These methods are as follows:

Using Their Toll-Free Number:

According to Amazon, its aim is to become the biggest company that keeps a customer-centric approach. Hence, they would do anything to ensure that you as a customer are always looked after and your needs are catered to. Thus, if you use this power bestowed onto you and call on their toll-free number, that is 0800-279-7234 for general issues and 0800-496-2449 for any issues pertaining to Kindle.

Using Their Social Media Pages:

Amazon is pretty proactive when it comes to their social media accounts and this is probably the reason why we have kept the social media page as a contact option. If you are on Twitter, you should tweet your query and tag amazon in it, in order to get a prompt response. Or else, you could slide into their DMs, asking about their queries. Once again, with great power, comes great influence, and you are the one who has the power in this case!

Using Their in-Website Chatbot:

Every website has an in-website chatbot, which is basically their live chat option. It should be located somewhere in the bottom corner of the website and is probably the easiest way to approach customer service professionals. You might start off chatting with a chatbot, but if you request to speak to a human professional, they would redirect you to one. You can say all about your issue and provide important details when they ask, or if you feel it necessary, you can share it as well.

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