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For all businesses, customer service does not end when the customer pays for a product and leaves the store. There are a host of problems a customer can face after purchasing a product. A newly purchased product might be faulty or if it is the perishable kind then it might be rotten. This is when a business must step up and provide much-needed support to the customer by helping them sort out their issues. This is what Aldi is known for and why it is preferred by so many people around the UK for their weekly needs. Aldi has kept multiple ways open for customers to communicate their issues. Here are a few.

aldi complaints

By Making A Phone Call

Customers can call on 08000420800 and register their complaints with Aldi. The complaints can range from damaged goods to delay in deliveries. Aldi complaints are generally sorted out at the earliest possible time and the resolution is communicated to the customer via a phone call.

By Sending A Letter

Aldi complaints can be lodged by writing to the Aldi Stores. Aldi complaints in the form of letters must be posted to Aldi Stores, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2SQ. But customers must not forget to include their order numbers in their letters.

By Writing An Email

For general queries, queries related to products and online orders, writing an email is the best way to get solutions to your customer issues. But the customer must make sure that they have mentioned their order number, email address and post code in the email. This helps them to process the order faster. Lodging Aldi complaints is done fastest through writing an email.

Alternative Methods

If a customer is not happy with how a complaint was resolved then the Retail ADR i.e., Alternative Dispute Resolver can be contacted. Further procedures to solve the customer issue at hand will be decided by the Retail ADR and the customer service executives of Aldi will act according to the directives given by the Retail ADR. If a certain Aldi complaint is in regard to the purchases made online then the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform can be used to seek assistance. Customers may then be directed to the Retail ADR who will take up the issue next and sort it out for the customer.

To Conclude

Providing good customer service is part of running a successful business and complaints at Aldi are always sorted out in the most hassle-free way possible. Customer service is available through multiple channels and the customer is free to choose which way they are going to use to lodge their Aldi complaint. There is also provision for further action if a customer is not happy with the way an Aldi complaint was resolved. The Retail ADR can step in to sort out the issue being faced by any customer that has not been satisfactorily resolved. This is what makes Aldi one of the premier supermarkets and department stores in the country.

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8 thoughts on “Aldi Complaints”

  1. went into ALDI cannon park on Friday 23 April I was not happy there was no social distance the shop was heaving we was shoulder 2 shoulder plus there was pallets in front of the shelves you could not see what you was looking for was not happy at all with my weekly shop at all look forward from hearing from you Jill Dudley 07799192526

    • Jill good job you werent in the crewe store as i went to do my weekly shop on saturday 15th May and none of the staff were wearing masks and alot of customers were in shopping without wearing masks as well. sory i did see one staff member with a mask on just covering his mouth so not worth wearing one anyway. went over to sandbach store and all staff were wearing mask so not sure why crewe store dont have to.

  2. regulary shop here east grinstead store. last shop tuesday. bought eggs. they were alful made me feel bad/ sick. wont be buying eggs from your store anytime soon.disgusting……

  3. I bought 4 Crestwood Steak & Gravy Pies from Aldi in Cramlington recently. When i cooked the pies and cut into them, there was little or no meat, it just looked like thick gravy. They were tasty, but it was disappointing that the meat was missing. They don’t look like the picture shown on the box, so Aldi please check them out, as your customer’s wont be very happy.

  4. My husband today has done quite a large shop at your Droitwich store. 6/6/21.
    Purchased a King prawn Bhuna @ £2.59.
    Have just noticed that this product purchased today has a use by date of 5/6/21.
    As a former retail manager I think you will find that this is illegal and you could be fined.
    Please can you resolve ASAP.
    Please contact via email

  5. You have lost my (& hopefully most of my office group) loyalty today. I have just this lunchtime popped into our local ALDI at Redruth Cornwall. It was fairly busy 3 tills open. so the announcement to open till 7 was made. which i joined along with 4 or five others. We waited at least 5 minutes for someone to arrive at the till. but no one came, Then they opened till 6 instead? our Queue was annoyed to say the least and we all walked out leaving about £50 worth of goods on the belt. The manager was consulted, but by his attitude was “I DONT CARE” This is what you get when you hire morons and pay peanuts. Worth the extra 5 minutes to go to TESCOS in future. I & my colleague will now ensure as much bad publicity as possible for this store

  6. Dear sir or Madam I had a call of Aldi this morning to go for assessment in Erdington be said to me the bus stops out side the store he then said why cont you do that I said it’s to far for me to go I didn’t like the way he spoke to me so I removed my application


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