AirPhysio Complaints

AirPhysio is an Australian company that manufactures OPEP breathing devices. They sell worldwide and are very famous for their high quality and exclusive range of products. The company has been in this industry for a long and has a vast customer base all over the world. 

AirPhysio Complaints

They use an award-winning patented Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure method to improve natural breathing in patients. It is a patented and doctor-approved device. Asthma patients can easily hold the device near the mouth and breathe to regulate breathing and benefit from this device significantly.

Every medical device purchase comes with the fear of malfunctioning or error. You can simply complain to the AirPhysio customer agents and resolve the issue quickly during such times. Read ahead to know more about the AirPhysio complaint policy.

How To Make Complaints To AirPhysio?

Methods Details
Phone 1300 723 110
Headquarters Location Shop 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road, Cabarita Beach, NSW 2488

1. Email:

You can also write to their official website anytime – The AirPhysio agent will revert within 24 hours. They will work on the issue and constantly update on the process. Their team tries to resolve the issue within 15 business days.

Once the complaint email is sent, the agent gathers all the evidence regarding the complaint. Within 24 hours, the agent will send the confirmation mail about the complaint. Then the agent will call to check the complaint and take in more information if required. 

Within 5 business days, they will try to update the process through mail or call. If the investigation requires more data, the agent will call and take in data or involve the concerned people in the issue.

Within 15 days, their team will try their best to resolve the complaint and give the best solution possible. If you’re still unhappy with the solution, you can write back to connect to the next management level.

2. Call

You can call the Air Physio customer care service during business hours at 1300 723 110 from 9 am to 5 pm only on the weekdays. The agent will be constantly available to help you through the process and take in the complaint. 

They will ask for all the required details and give detailed information about the issue. Explain to the agent how you would like the problem to be resolved and how to compensate for the complaint. 

The AirPhysio agent will get back to you when he gathers the required information and evidence regarding the complaint. Within 5 business days, the agent will call you to update the progress. 

The AirPhysio agent will try to resolve the complaint within 15 business days and mail the detailed report of the complaint to your email ID. If you are still unsatisfied, you can call back and request higher management’s involvement. 

3. Head Office 

You can even write to the Head Office – Shop 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road, Cabarita Beach, NSW 2488. If you cannot call or mail, you can always write to the head office of AirPhysio. Upon receiving the letter, their agent will revert to the complaint within 15 business days. 

The AirPhysio agent will call after receiving the letter to confirm the details and, if required, seek more information. They will write back to you and call and inform you of the same. 

How To Initiate Refund, Compensation, Or Replacement? 

Any complaints regarding refunds, compensations and replacements are applicable only within 30 days of billing. You should immediately complain, and the issue is resolved as soon as possible. Anything out of 30 days is not considered except in rare cases. 

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